Surrender Request

Welcome to our Surrender Request. Please complete and submit this form to surrender a boxer that you own.

If you would prefer to mail in your application, you can print this page, write in your answers, and mail it to:

Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue
PO Box 8763
Turnersville NJ 08012

Having trouble submitting a form? Please email us at: and someone will answer you soon.

Have a question? Feel free to call us at: 856-889-0832

  1. Information About the Owner
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  5. (valid email required)
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  7. Is there a date the boxer must be surrendered by?
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  10. Have you contacted any other rescues?
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  13. Information About the Surrendered Boxer
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  15. Is the dog a boxer mix?
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  18. Gender of boxer:
  19. Has this boxer been spayed/neutered?
  20. Has this boxer ever been bred?
  21. Has this boxer been heartworm tested within the last 6 month?
  22. Is boxer up to date on all vaccinations?
  23. Is boxer currently on Heartworm med?
  24. Is boxer micro chipped?
  25. Has the dog ever been injured?
  26. Does the dog have or had any medical issues?
  27. Has this dog ever bitten a person?
  28. Has this dog ever attacked or bitten another dog?
  29. Does this dog get along with other dogs?
  30. Does this dog get along well with kids?
  31. Has this dog lived with children?
  32. Does this dog get along well with cats?
  33. Have you ever attended obedience training with the dog?
  34. Does this boxer like to ride in the car?
  35. Does this boxer walk well on a leash?
  36. Do you consent to allow one of our volunteers to evaluate your dog As soon as possible to make sure that they are placed in the most appropriate environment for the dogs specific needs?
  37. By entering my name in the space provided below, I (the surrendering party), certify that I am the sole, legal owner of the boxer named and described above.
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  39. I understand that upon signing this document, I have provided the information above which is true and factual to the best of my knowledge.
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