surrender boxerEvaluation Process
Each one of our boxers has a unique personality therefore each will be independently screened for rehabilitative & adoptability purposes in order to provide safe & loving environments for our rescues & adoptive homes.

Boxers are by nature a very people oriented, inquisitive breed. Because we receive Boxers from many different environments & for many varied circumstance, we provide training for those boxers that may need assistance acclimating to their new lives as family members. We also believe that training provides a much stronger bond between family & boxer.  By nature, boxers also are high energy & we believe that energy should be channeled positively.  Because they want to do the “right thing,” they need to be taught appropriate behavior.

Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue rescue’s Boxers from kill as well as no kill animal shelters. Homes that are suffering  from financial or medical burdens are also welcome to surrender their boxer.  We understand the difficulty people face when faced with no choice but to surrender their dog & we don’t judge any family that finds themselves in this predicament.  We can assure you our potential adoptive homes are all screened so that we can provide the best adoptive home for your surrendered boxer.

Medical Treatment
When a boxer enters Fassa’s Friends, he will be medically evaluated & brought up to date on vaccines, tested  for & placed on heartworm preventive, spayed or neutered if not already done so.  Bloodwork will also be taken & any medical issue present will be immediately treated. Complete disclosure of medical issues & medical records will be given to adoptive homes.

In order to provide a loving & safe environment for our rescued boxers & a family, we utilize foster homes.  Foster homes provide feedback as to the boxer’s likes, dislikes, energy level & mannerisms.  This valuable information is instrumental when matching boxers & adoptive homes.

Fassa’s Friends will incur the cost of all medical treatment & training (if necessary) while the boxer is in foster care.  Foster families are invaluable, providing love & support essential in the transition of all boxers into life as a family member.

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