Hi! I’m Fassa’s Friend Maximus!

Hi! I’m Fassa’s Friend Maximus!


1) All of our young puppies require a physically fenced in in area in which to explore & continue potty training. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. That being said, many of our rescues a little older, a fence is not required, based on the temperament of each dog.

2) Please refrain from emailing us,  asking for more information regarding our young puppies. Fassa’s Friends is a small rescue. That being said, those types of emails slow down the Adoption Process. All of the information that we have, is included in each of puppy’s bio.

3) As with all of our young puppies, a professional puppy course is required. ” We will teach our puppy to sit, give paw, etc.” We’ve heard this many times and that is great. However, professional puppy training is important for your puppies socialization and also for you to learn how to train your puppy and for your puppy to learn to listen to you. There is no exception to this requirement. Though you may have had dogs in the past, we’re sure there are a few pointers that you’ll receive when attending class with your puppy, that you may have forgotten or didn’t know.

Meet Fassa’s Friend Maximus.  photo 1Maximus is a male brindle pup with natural tail and ears.  He is roughly 13 weeks old and weighs approximately 15 lbs.  Maximus’ Mom Mandy (also on our website),  we’ve been told, is a Boxer/possibly Lab mix. His father is unknown.  She was found chained to a type of gas tank, with her box of pups close by. Maximus is one of her litter of 7 pups.  Maximus has received his series of puppy vaccines. he is working quite hard on potty training and is doing quite well.

maximus3Maximus is very sweet, and very shy.  In order for Maximus to truly expernience the joys of “puppy-hood,” his ideal adoptive home is required to have a resident dog.  Maximus can then follow the resident dog’s lead, showing him it’s fine to venture out.  At this point, he feels safest in someone’s arms.  A big canine brother or sister would certainly assist Maximus in expanding his comfort zone and comfort level

If you think your home is a match for Maximus, please complete and Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this maximusalonepage. Once your application is reviewed, a volunteer will contact you.  Thank you for your support and choosing to adopt