Our Sweet Macy

It is with heavy hearts that Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue mourns the loss of one of our rescues, a beautiful little girl Macy. Prior to coming into rescue, Macy lived a horrid life as a breeding machine. Macy had been bred with each heat throughout her life, beginning when she was a young pup, and before fully developed. Ultimately, she and other dogs were taken by the SPCA as a result of animal neglect. The conditions she and the other dogs were forced to live in were unimaginable. As a consequence of her prior history of constant breedings, Macy was unable to overcome complications that arose during what would for other dogs be considered a fairly routine surgery.

Macy will be remembered as a sweet, petite little girl who wiggled her nub tail constantly. In fact, she wagged her tail so much and so quickly, she had to also swing her head from side to side just to keep her balance. In her life as a breeding machine, she was kept in a small, cramped, filthy, dirt floor pen 24-7 where she was covered in flies and mosquitoes. She never had the ability to run and play. However, at a foster home she was treated for heartworm and supplied with toys, human hugs and room to play. Rather than sleeping in a dirt floor pen as in the past, in foster care Macy slept every night on a comfy human bed with a doting foster petting her as she fell asleep. Rather than have to scavenge to get enough food as in her prior life, once in foster care Macy was supplied with ample, nutritious food and clean water which she could consume without competition from larger dogs she was penned with when in the backyard breeding situation. In foster care she also clearly enjoyed having an abundance of yummy treats. Since Macy’s rescue, she received love, compassion, and the best care possible, things she was never given in the past. We at Fassa’s Friends are grateful that this sweet little girl had the opportunity to experience love and affection, if only for such a short time. We will miss her dearly. Though she’s gone, she’ll never be forgotten. Macy, along with Mufassa, the wonderful dog who inspired the formation of this rescue, will be memorialized at Angel’s Rest Pet Cemetery at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah ….a very special honor for two very special boxers.

Please, when speaking of Macy, take the opportunity to educate friends and family about the horrors of backyard breeding. Encourage people NOT to purchase dogs from a backyard breeder or puppy mill. Ask yourself, how many timid sweet souls, like Macy, will be literally bred to death so that people can buy that puppy? Please help us educate those that have no idea how these poor dogs suffer while being used to make more puppies for profit.

Thank you to all of those who donated to Macy’s Miracle Fund and to those who were a part of her life. Without each and every one of you, this little girl would have been forced to suffer even longer, in a dirt pen without ever knowing love. Her paw prints are forever etched in our hearts.