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Our Parvo Pups, Lucy & Griffin

We committed to rescuing five seven week old puppies.  One passed on the way to the vets due to starvation which was indicated by a narcopsy (autopsy).  The other four pups were vetted, vaccinated and went to two foster homes.  The following morning all pups were violently ill and rushed to the vet where they tested positive for Parvovirus.  Parvovirus is very contagious and is similar to a bad stomach virus in humans.  As in humans it has to basically run its course though there are some medications that can be used.  Puppies with under developed immune systems contract parvo and rapidly dehydrate due to vomiting and diarrhea.  Our four puppies were given IV fluids, however, due to their compromised state at the onset (starvation), their veins were too small in most instances for the IV’s to stay in.  Vet care included many rounds of IVs, subcutaneous fluids, and blood transfusions.  Two puppies, Lucy and Griffin, are doing well so far.  Liam and Linus had crossed over the rainbow bridge during this extensive treatment.

Conover Vet and Staff were super, doing all they could to save these pups and giving them all snuggles and hugs and love.  The vet bill for the care of this litter is $5,067.00.  We are accepting donations for this litter.  We know it’s the holiday season but if you can see your way clear to donate any amount, no matter how small, we would be deeply appreciative.  We believe these two sweet surviving puppies, Lucy and Griffin, are worth it…Don’t you?  Thank you for your support!

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Happy Pills T Shirts!

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Ardene B. Bjork Fiber Artist: Special Custom Orders for Fassa’s Friends Supporters! There are two ways to donate 30% of the amount of your purchase to Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue.

You can purchase any product from my shop using the promo code FASSA.  When the purchase is complete, 30% of the purchase price will be sent to Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue.  Click here to purchase from my shop.

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smile amazon

SMILE.AMAZON.COM: Another great way to help Fassa’s Friends – just log into your Amazon account to shop and select Fassas Friends of Blackwood, NJ as your charity of choice and they will receive a percentage of each purchase as a donation from Amazon. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit http://smile.amazon.com
  2. In the Charity Search Window, search for Fassas Friends — we are located in Blackwood, NJ on smiles. amazon.com
  3. Click the button to choose us as your charity
  4. Shop like you normally would on Amazon

Your prices are the same, but Amazon takes a small percentage of anything you send and donates it to Fassa’s Friends — EASY PEASY!


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Website:  www.helpourfundraiser.com

Ordering number______504458


You may use your credit card for payment and the order will be shipped directly to you.  Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue will receive the profit from these orders.

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