Adoption Policies

For the well being of our boxers and boxer mixes, Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue has devised a few policies, we feel will safeguard our rescued dogs.  Boxers have been referred to as the clowns of the canines.  All boxer owners, I’m sure will agree with us and are well aware of the playfulness, silliness and spontaneity they sometimes exhibit.  After researching the breed, we’re sure new boxer owners will also agree with our quest to keep our boxers out of harm’s way by putting the following policies in place.

1. If there are children 8 years old or younger, a completely fenced in yard is required.  A physical fenc such as wood, chain link, vinyl etc.  We don’t feel electric fences or invisible fences are appropriate for the boxer breed.

2. You must be 21 years of age to adopt a boxer or boxer mix.

3. All resident pets must be spayed or neutered in order to adopt from FFBR.

4. All resident pets must be up to date on their vaccines.

5. The name, address and phone number of a veterinarian is a requirement on the application for those that have current pets or those that have had pets in the past.

6. There is no fee for completing the adoption process.  There is however a non refundable adoption fee of $350 due the day of an actual adoption.  Please keep in mind, no one at Fassa’s Friends is paid; all of us are volunteers happy to give our spare time to rescuing boxers and boxer mixes.  The adoption fee is used only for our rescues e.i. vetting, training and when there are no foster homes available, for boarding.  More times than not, the cost incurred to get just one dog medically cleared for adoption, far exceeds the $350 adoption fee.

7. Many boxers and boxer mixes are surrendered because they haven’t been trained.  For this reason, all of our boxer and boxer mixes will require basic obedience training.  Boxers and boxer mixes are happiest when they please their people.  Their people are happiest when this exuberant breed has basic manners.  This is a win-win situation for all. Training also increases bonding, enabling your boxer to become a terrific member of your family.  Training may be waived in some cases by Fassa’s Friends Boxer rescue (ie. age, former training, etc.)

Thank you for your understanding.