About Us

Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue was established as a no kill non profit organization in honor of a Boxer hound mix, Mufassa (nicknamed Fassa).  He had been abandoned, found roaming the streets dragging a heavy chain behind him, smelling of diesel fuel from head to tail. He was emaciated & heartworm positive for which he was treated. After enduring medical treatment, which had made him ill, he began feeling safe & healthy. He then exhibited  some inappropriate behaviors in a home, a place he had likely never been before. The decision was made to euthanize Fassa  by his guardians.  We believe Fassa had shown signs of progress & felt he deserved more time to adjust.  Our belief however fell on deaf ears.  Fassa was euthanized on December 22, 2009.  Immediately afterward,  we began organizing a no-kill boxer rescue.

It is our philosophy that learned behavior can be unlearned with appropriate training & re-adjustment periods.  We believe that all of our boxers can become terrific family members when given an honest second chance devoid of time restraints & cost. We’ll do whatever necessary to give our dogs all they need. This is our idea of rescue.

Some of our rescues are surrendered by good homes, others from neglected or abused homes.  No matter the reason for rescuing, all of our boxers will be given whatever necessary   to become beloved family members. We owe this to our little boxer-hound friend, Fassa, & other frightened & confused boxers in need of rescue.

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