Please meet Griff & Lucy.  Griff & Lucy are 9 week old litter mates.  They had started out on a rough road.  They were just two of 5 puppies that were extremely malnourished.  One so malnourished that he passed on the way to the vets office.  The next day the other 4 pups tested positive for Parvo. Parvo is comparable to a sever stomach virus that puppies with poor treatment resulting in under developed immune systems, such as this litter, can contract. The symptoms of Parvo are much like the symptoms of a stomach virus in humans, diarrhea, vomiting.  Once the diarrhea & vomiting begin it quickly can lead to dehydration in puppies.After 10 days of iv’s and a blood transfusion, Griffin & Lucy were the only two to pull through. They are no longer contagious & are gaining well needed weight.  They are both happy pups with Parvo now out of the way!  During their ordeal, these two little puppies had become very bonded, & for that reason, we will be adopting them together.  We will not split them up.  They found comfort in each other during a very difficult time, relying on each other for comfort. The vet staff also snuggled & gave them much attention, which also assisted in both pulling through. The other two litter mates didn’t respond to treatment as well and crossed over the rainbow while in treatment, they were just entirely too weak.

Anyway, back to Griff and Lucy, we are looking for a fantastic home that will adopt this loving brother and sister together and give them the loving, happy home they both deserve.  Both have had 2 of their 3, rounds of puppy vaccines.  If you would like to meet Griffin and Lucy please complete an adoption application found at the top of this page.  If you are already approved and have had your home visit done, please simply email us at and we will gladly schedule a meet and greet asap. If you are unable to adopt but would like to help Griffin and Lucy, they will need a temporary foster home from 12/2 to 12/14.  Their foster mom is going on vacation and will pick them up on the 14th of December.  Please share with family and friends.  These two puppies deserve a home of their very own for the holidays!