Please meet Dell!  Dell is approximately 6 years old with natural ears and docked tail.  He is very sweet despite his initial condition when found as a stray by Animal Control.. Being severely emaciated, he had a body score of 3 out of 9. We have rescued emaciated dogs in the past and have watched them morph into beautiful boxers.  So until we can get his body score higher with quality food and regular feedings it is hard to say whether or not he is a purebred.  He had issues with broken/fractured teeth.  He had dental surgery and now has the “million $ Smile!” Because this little fella is new to rescue, we do not have much information on him as of yet.  He is being fostered and we will be receiving information from his foster home as she continues to evaluate him.  So far we know Dell is great playing with his foster homes shar pei. They have become best of Buds! He  has a very sweet temperament! We will keep you updated as we learn more about him.  In the mean time, look at these great pictures!

If you may be interested in meeting Dell, once we have learned more about him, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page.  This will get the Adoption Approval Process started.  If you have already been approved and would like to meet this fabulous cutie, please simply email us at with your name, approval status and Dell’s name as your dog of interest.  We will then gladly set up a meet and greet as soon as possible.