Cassie in foster-one picture is worth a thousand words!

 We are in need of Foster Homes! Please consider opening your home to a boxer or boxer mix in need. Boxers and boxer mixes are in dire need of a great place to lay their heads, eat on a daily basis, and of course, be loved until they find the right fur-ever homes. There is no better way to teach your children compassion than to let them experience first hand, the rewards of giving a second chance to a dog that may not have had one otherwise. Please give fostering a try, the look of appreciation in one rescued dog’s face is PRICELESS! There is nothing more rewarding than watching a foster boxer thrive in your care.  When summer 2017 is over, your children may or may not remember what they had done, however they will always remember the boxer they had fostered.

Fosters, Zoey & Buddy with the Resident Boxer, Levi

Every dog you foster enables Fassa’s Friends to rescue another one in need, and believe us folks, there are many! The economy has had a devastating impact on the number of boxers in need. More and more are left to fend for themselves ultimately ending up in shelters; more people are down-sizing and can’t afford to properly care for their dogs; more and more are being abandoned in vacant homes that are under foreclosure.

 All medical costs for a foster boxer are incurred by Fassa’s Friends while in your care. We also provide collars, leashes, crates if need be, bedding and we are always available to answer any questions or assist you in any way with your foster.Most importantly, we make sure the foster we ask you assist, is a match for your home.  If you have cats, we will make sure the dog you foster is cat-friendly. If you have children, we make sure you only a foster a dog that we know gets along with children. If you have a resident dog, we make sure the foster dog and your resident dog are fine together. We take every precaution for the safety of you and your canine and human family.

If you’re willing to provide the love and safe haven for a boxer please
click here to complete the Foster Application
.  Also feel free to call us at (856) 889-0832. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.