Please meet our 4 month old puppy Apollo.  Apollo is a boxer mix with a beautiful chocolate brown and white coat.  He is of course a puppy therefore displays all of the puppy behavior you would expect.a puppy to display.  He is learning to potty outside and is doing very well.  He spends his nights in a crate where he sleeps very well. He is fine with other dogs.  Apollo was an owner surrender at an out of state shelter.  He was surrendered because when he returned, after being let outside he was limping.

Apollo & Lolly playing

Fassa’s Friends moved him immediately to New Jersey in order to have that leg/foot x-rayed.  His xrays revealed a fractured toe which he is being treated for and which is healing nicely.  He will have another x ray in two weeks.  He is on on some restricted activity though he can play with his toys. in order for his toe to heal properly. Apollo is current on vaccines and will be neutered at the rescues expense when he is a few months older.   He is quite a pup.  He enjoys the company of other dogs though he does not introduce himself properly….rather than sniff butts to say “Hello”, he barks at the dogs face. He is fine with other dogs and his foster home is working on teaching him how to properly introduce himself to other canines.

As with all of our young puppies, a physically fenced in yard is required for Apollo in order for him to run and explore, as puppies do, in a safe environment.  We also require a professional puppy training course for all of our young puppies in order to increase bonding between pup and parents, and to make sure pup and parents are starting out on the right track.    A basic puppy training regimen at Petsmart or PetCo is fine.

If you’re interested in meeting Apollo, please complete an Adoption application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  Once your paper application is processed, a volunteer will contact you.  If you are already approved to adopt, please simply email us at, with your name, adoption status and Apollo’s name as your dog of interest to meet and we will schedule a meet and greet asap.  Thank you for choosing to adopt.