Meet Clyde.  Clyde is approximately 1 year old.  They refer to him as a “Pocket Boxer” because he is so very small and petite.  He weighs approx. 42 lbs.  Clyde has a sad story to tell.  He was found by animal control chained to a tree with no food, water or shelter.  He survived and extremely bad storm with high winds, rain and thunder.  When animal control found him, he was alone. his people had left him and who knows how long he had to endure this.  He weighed only 30 lbs when saved by Animal control! Clyde had cherry eye surgery and also he is a heartworm survivor, being treated successfully for heart worm.  The first year of his upsetting life, left Clyde with a little “baggage.”  He is food aggressive with large dogs and understandably so, having been almost starved to death.  We are hoping that behavior subsides once he realizes he will never go hungry again.  He also and again understandable given his past, is highly fearful of storms.  Other than this baggage, Clyde is a wonderful boy! He loves to play with toys and will bring them in the  house when you tell him to.  His favorite is the squeaky airplane!  He is potty trained and knows the command “sit”.  He is learning down and drop it.  Clyde is brindle with natural ears and a docked tail.  He can use some training as he does jump on people.  He also can use a little leash training.  Clyde loves to give kisses!  He is not crazy about the crate however will go in for a treat.  It’s best to tire him out before putting him in because he then goes to sleep almost immediately.  Clyde is good with cats and other dogs, he just likes to eat alone. He also likes a good game of tug of war! He is very strong for a little guy! To sum it up; Clyde is absolutely adorable and very sweet.  If you would like to met Clyde please complete an adoption application found at the top of this page under the adoption tab.  If you have already done so and are approved, simply email us at and we will gladly set up a meet greet for you.