Please meet Gracie.  Gracie is a one year old, Boxer/Great Dane mix.  Gracie is one of many animals that were/are in a hoarding home.  Hoarders are typically people with big hearts with a need of  trying to save as many animals as possible.  The more animals a hoarder saves, the more draining on the financial resources   Un-spayed females; un-neutered males, litters of pups being born, the increased amount of food necessary to feed the increasing number of animals until the situation reaches staggering and overwhelming proportions.  Our Gracie is the product of one such hoarding situation.  Gracie weighs only 35 lbs. yet should be at least 60 lbs.

Gracie is just as sweet as can be.  She knows the command “sit” and follows her temporary foster Mom everywhere.  She is great with other dogs, cats, rabbits and especially children. Gracie is very submissive. She has been with a child 3 years old.  She will be vetted next week, and need to gain many well deserved lbs. before needing a foster home here in just a few weeks. If you would like to foster Gracie or adopt her, please complete the appropriate applications.  The Adoption application is found under the adoption tab at the top of the page; the foster application is found under the Ways to Help tab also at the top of this page.  If you are approved to adopt, however would like to foster Gracie at this time, there is no need to complete a foster application.  this big mush is the Total Package!