6-5 Update: Daisy Mae continues to be as sweet as can be.  She  apparently was an inside family pet at some point as she has perfect house manners. 

She doesn’t touch anything on the tables, she doesn’t counter surf; or jump on furniture. She is  potty trained and is fine in a crate.  She is calm and is settled inside while saving her play mode for outside. Even though Staffordshire Terriers are known for chewing, Daisy has been in her foster home now for 2 months and has not chewed one thing! Good Girl Daisy Mae! Daisy doesn’t realize what a big goof she is and could easily and unintentionally knock down a toddler.  For this reason we feel Daisy would be best in  a home with children 8 and older.

Daisy Mae is good with other dogs.    She loves to chase a ball and will bring it back. She also likes squeaky toys.  She walks well on leash.Daisy was in a shelter for almost 5 months and quickly became the shelter favorite.  Daisy enjoys a good belly rub!  She is also lovable, and loves to be pet.  It is very obvious Daisy Mae was raised as a house pet; she is the perfect companion dog! If you would like to meet Daisy Mae, simply  complete an  Adoption application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  if you have already done so and are approved, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com with your name, approval status and that you would like to meet Daisy and we’ll set that up for you as soon as possible.

Please meet Daisy Mae.  Daisy Mae is a 2 year old American Staffordshire/Boxer (we believe) mix.  She is a beautiful gal that loves squeaky toys, people and dogs.  She is spayed and current on vaccines.  Daisy Mae weighs 68 lbs. She isn’t aware of her size therefore a home with small children would not be a match for Daisy. She is very sweet and also very playful! We won’t know if Daisy is potty trained until we get her into a foster home.  Daisy Mae was a favorite at her shelter! We will update you as we learn more about Daisy.  If you would like to foster Daisy, please complete a foster application found under the Ways to Help tab at the top of this page.  If you would like to Adopt Daisy, the adoption application is featured below. Let’s find this happy girl a happy home.


BEFORE FILLING OUT AN APPLICATION: A fenced yard is required if children under the age of 8 years old reside at the residence AND/OR if a puppy is being considered for adoption. Our young puppies require a physically fenced in area where they can explore safely. Electric fences do NOT meet this requirement: Fassa’s Friends does not adopt to homes with electric fences. If interested in adopting an adult (or puppy) deaf dog, a physical fence is also required. Physical fences are not required for homes with children 8 years or older, or adult dogs, unless specifically stated in the dog’s bio.


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  3. Do you work from home?
  4. Do you work from office?
  5. On the Road?
  6. Does anyone in the home have a special need or disability? We only ask in order to assist you in finding a match for your family.
  7. Have you ever adopted from a rescue before?
  8. Are you working with any other rescue now?
  9. Do you own or rent your residence?
  10. In which type of dwelling do you live?
  11. Do you have a yard?
  12. If you have a yard, is it fenced?
  13. Do you have electric or underground fencing?
  14. Have you ever owned a dog before?
  15. Have you ever owned a boxer?
  16. Have you ever surrendered, given away or sold a dog before?
  17. Do you currently own any pets?
  18. Will your boxer ever stay with a kennel or with friend\family member?
  19. Will your boxer ever be confined to a garage or basement?
  20. Where will your boxer be fed?
  21. What will the boxer's feeding schedule be?
  22. Are all pets neutered\spayed?
  23. Are all pets up to date on vaccinations?
  24. Is there a specific boxer in our rescue that you’re interested in?
  25. What gender of boxer do you prefer?
  26. What age range do you prefer?
  27. Will you accept a boxer-mix?
  28. Will you accept a boxer with medical needs?
  29. Would you be willing to attend training or obedience courses with your boxer?
  30. Do you agree to allow one of our volunteers to visit your home, once your application has been approved?
  31. In the spaces below, please list three personal references, listing name, address, and phone number:
  32. By entering my name, I (the applicant), certify that I am at least 21 years of age, and that all answers and information provided by me are complete and true. I understand there is no fee for completing the application and application process. I also understand there is a $350 non-refundable adoption fee, only if I adopt and that the adoption fee is due when the adoption is finalized.

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