This cutie is the biggest snuggle bug, you have ever met! Brownie is a female, Bullboxer, meaning she was bred between a Boxer and a English Bulldog to create this “designer” dog, so she could be used to breed. She and 6 others were rescued from this designer breeding situation.  the others had gone to other rescues. She couldn’t be happier in a foster home with a loving foster family! She is approximately 2 years old.  She is such a wonderful family dog! She also gets along with any dog I have introduced her to, big AND small. She loves my cat and even my chickens, if they would let her. 😃 She’s a very good listener.. She is crate trained but can’t hold “it” for a very long time. Puppy mill dogs are usually not taught to potty outside as their world consists of living in  a crate 24/7. Brownie is highly food motivated so with patience and that good old fashioned homemade treats her foster Mom makes for her, learning to potty outside should not take long! Her foster home is working on this with her.   She loves to tease you and pick up your socks and shoes and walk off with them, tail wagging like

Brownie with foster sister

crazy! She doesn’t chew them at all! However for some reason she loves plastic items and does chew them. She has no problem when you take it from her and give her an appropriate dog toy.  She tries to stay really close to you, so you have to watch not to trip over her.  I have to say, she’s one of my favorite fosters, for sure!!

If you would like to meet Brownie and continue to teach her the world is larger than a crate, please complete an adoption application found under the adoption tab at the top of this page.  If you’ve already done so and have been approved, simply email us at with your name, your approval status and letting us know you would like to meet Brownie and we will gladly set that up for you!