Please meet Sammy.  He is a 4-5 year old, male Box-a-Bull (Boxer/Eng. Bulldog mix).  Sammy hasn’t had the best of lives.  He is 4-5 years old and kept running away from his original owner. A dog lover, knowing where Sammy lived, picked him up and tried to return him.  The owners didn’t want Sammy anymore.  We were contacted for help.  Sammy is in a foster home with canine and human brothers, and a canine sister.  According to his foster home, Sammy is an absolute Joy! He is happy go lucky, and his easy going temperament allows him to get along with all in the home.  He is potty trained and is food motivated which translates into easily trainable re: commands! He tends to be a bit quirky regarding toys.  He picks up one at a time and carries it to his crate.  Once he has placed that toy in his crate, he is out searching for another. this will continue until he has all of the toys in his crate.  We’re sure he’s real proud of himself looking at the “stash” he has amassed!

Sammy can’t pass up a belly rub!

What a cutie!

Sammy is fine left alone in the crate.  He also gravitated immediately  to the 7 year old boy in the home. He is current on vaccines and scheduled to be neutered.  His foster home cannot say enough about this little guy with the big, lovable and happy demeanor.  Any home would be proud to call Sammy a family member! If interested in meeting Sammy, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page.  If you’ve already done so and have been approved, simply email us at letting us know your name, that you are in fact approved and what dog you are interested in meeting and we will schedule a meet and greet as soon as possible.