Please meet Stan, or as we like to refer to him…Stan de Man.  Stan is a 3 year old white Boxer mix.  The shelter had him listed as Boxer/American Bulldog mix, which is very possible due to his size. He has natural ears and tail..  He weighs 62 lbs at the moment however can stand to gain some weight. Stan is current on vaccines.  He is also good with other dogs.  Stan wouldn’t leave his neuter incision alone which is why he is wearing the Cone.  His stitches will be removed today. Please see the observation from Stan’s foster home below.  Also keep in mind Stan’s “abounding energy” at this point could simply be a result of being cooped up in the shelter coupled with restricted activity for the last 2 weeks.  Again, we’ll have more of a handle on this once he is allowed to run.  Thank you to Stan’s temporary foster for the great assessment:

“Stan is doing great.  He has a lot of energy, he really wants to run and jump and explore.  He has not had any accidents, his crate is always dry.  He immediately goes to find a place to pee as soon as he gets outside, so he knows what to do.  He needs to learn some manners- on occasion he jumps on me.  Would knock a child or elderly person to the ground.  I think once he is able to run off some of his energy, he would be more receptive to training.  He’s just so excited to be outside and with me.  He comes running when I call him.  He loves to eat.  I’m hoping the vet will let me give him a shower soon-he needs a bath.  Not sure how difficult that will be, he’s pretty big. He has such a sweet face, he will hold still to let me pet his face and brush him, otherwise he’s on the move. Will check with vet today about what he’s mixed with. he has the lean body and long legs of a boxer for sure. ”

If you feel you are a match for Stan de Man, and would like to meet him, simply complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page.  If you’ve already done so and have been approved, simply email us at with your name, letting us know you are already approved and that you would like to meet Stan.


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