Update 5/23/2016-:Shala has been returned to Fassa’s Friends.5-17returnedatdawns She was adopted in March to a loving, young family.  Due to a tremendous medical issue in her immediate family, Shala’s peeps thought it was in her best interest to be 3-5-17Dawnshousereturned. They felt Shala was spending entirely too much time being crated. She was crated during the work day and then crated afterward while her folks ran to the hospital. This was not an easy decision for them to make as they love Shala very much, however it was the right decision for Shala. Shala is spayed and current on vaccines.  She knows the command “sit.”  She is good with other dogs and very good with young children. She lived with a 3 and a 5 year old child and in her current foster home is living with a 7 year old child and two other dogs. She is a gorgeous girl and loves to run.  She also enjoys playing  Shala still exhibits some puppy behavior such as mouthing however is being taught in her foster home that mouthing is not acceptable behavior.  Please see below for original posting. Let’s find this sweet girl a fur ever home, forever. wheredidyougo

Please meet our newest little pup, Shala.  Shala is a 4 mo. old female Boxer-mix.  She was found roaming the streets on her own, bless her heart! Not letting her early tough beginning affect her temperament, Animal Control picked up this sweet pup and delivered her to the shelter.  She had a wound on her leg that the shelter Vet had kept a close eye on, prescribing antibiotics which has since healed to the point of a small scrape.  Shala’s current foster has stated she is absolutely precious.  She has a very sweet temperament, and is a happy, loveable little pup.  Our policy for Puppy Adoptive homes is as follows:

  1.  A physical fence is a requirement for our young puppy fur-ever homes.  A physical fence allows a young puppy to explore (which is what young pups do) in a safe environment.
  2. A basic Professional Puppy Training Course is also required.  This training increases bonding between your family and your new family member. Professional training teaches you how to teach your puppy boundaries, limitations and it’s place in the family pack…all lessons that result in  a happy, healthy, well rounded and well socialized puppy. The rescue has received excellent feedback from puppy parents.laying
  3. If you feel you are a match for our Precious Shala, please complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  You are already approved? Fantastic! Simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com and we will schedule a meet and greet immediately.