Please meet Candy.  Candy is the proud Mom of the 11 Candy/candy bar pups.  Candy’s story before rescue was bleak.  Mom2She was found wandering the streets, very pregnant by a shelter employee.  The employee scooped her up and chose to take her  home rather than to the shelter.  She networked for  a foster and then the foster and shelter employee networked for a rescue.  Within a weeks time, Candy had her pups and 5 days later, Fassa’s Friends was asked for assistance.  Much has happened to Little Candy in 3 weeks time.  She’s had pups and is now on her way to NJ and into another foster home.  Through all of this she has kept her sweet temperament.  Her out of state foster has been fostering for 7 years and has stated Candy is the sweetest dog she has ever fostered! Candy allows anyone to look at her 2 1/2 week old pups.  Her puppies were born on 7/29/15,  Candy is a purebred boxer. She is potty trained. We will keep you posted as we learn more about her. momwpups Candy has heart worm that Fassa’s Friends will treat once her puppies have been weaned and she’s strong enough to be treated.  Candy will be visiting the vet Sunday, 8/16/15 for a physical. We will ask the vet at that time to give us an approximate age for thissweet little gal.  We will keep you updated, but until then, please enjoy the pics.  Candy’s pups are also looking for their fur-ever homes.  Please keep in mind the pups are most likely Boxer mixes.  We can never be 100% sure what any of our pups are mixed with. If you feel you are a match for Candy, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption tab at the top of the page.  If you’ve already done so, and are approved, simply email us at