GoodMaggy7-14-15Please meet Maggie.  Maggie is a 2-3 yr old fawn Boxer-mix. Maggie finds herself in rescue because her former owner was in the late stages of terminal cancer. The focus of Maggie’s peep was not the cancer, but was getting Maggie someplace safe so she could be re-homed into a wonderful home.  A rescue partner contacted Fassa’s Friends for assistance.

Maggie is spayed and current on vaccines.  She is also micro-chipped.  She does not, nor has she had heart worm.  Maggie’s former owner had provided lots of love and excellent care for Maggie.  Maggie is 6-26withCatpotty-trained, doesn’t mind the crate if necessary.  She is 6-26withdogalso good with children.  When she met the young  boys in her foster home, she just licked their feet! When a baby visited the foster home, she very gently licked the baby’s feet! Maggie is fine with both cats and dogs.  Her current foster home has cats and there are no issues whatsoever.  Maggie enjoys playing ball.  She weighs roughly 65 lbs. however takes treats very gently.  Maggie’s foster home is working with her on leash-walking skills.  When she first arrived and Foster Mom Vickie, leashed Maggie, Vickie stated “she did the “Commando Crawl.”  She is now walked several times a day and is realizing there is no need to crawl on her belly!  Maggie seems to have the uncanny ability to exert her energy and playfulness when appropriate, yet knows when to “tone it down,” as she dids with the baby and children.  Maggie is just an all around great girl with great manners!

Though we rarely know what our boxer-mixes are mixed with, we think Maggie may be mixed with Black Mouthed Cur.  The traits of the Black mouthed Cur are: sensitivity, loyal, great family pets, good with people/children/babies, and the ability to know when to shift the energy from “high” to “low.”  Maggie is also sensitive, which is another trait of the Black Mouthed Cur.  A raised voice, quite simply hurts Maggie’s feelings! This sounds like Maggie to us. We thank Maggie’s former Peep for taking such good care of her and molding her into a fabulous pet.  We vow to find her an equally as fabulous furever home!  If you feel you are a match for this great gal, please complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab. If you’ve already done so and are approved, please email us at letting us know 1. your name; 2. you are approved & 3. Maggie’s name.  Thank you for choosing to adopt.