9-4fbCover10-2 Update: There is not much to say about a “perfect dog” other than Luko is just perfect in every way! His foster Mom requested the

"Oh where, oh where is my Fur-ever Home?" Oh where oh where can it be?"

“Oh where, oh where is my Fur-ever home?” Oh where oh where can it be?”

assistance of the Boxer Club regarding whether of not they thought Luko was a pure bred. There unanimous answer is Yes! Luko is approx. 7 years old; potty trained, walks fabulously on leash (has obviously had training) and is just an all around wonderful man and he likes to give those boxer kisses!Though a large guy (approx 80 lbs), he is the most gently giant we’ve ever rescued! Luko has a docked tail and natural ears, is neutered and current on vaccins. He is great with young children, and other dogs, is easy going, and does enjoy play sometimes engaging the other dogs. Please visit www.fassasfriends boxerrescue.com to complete an Adoption application found on the website under the Adoption Tab. If you are already approved, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com letting us know your name, that you are approved and would like to meet Luko. He is in excellent health and needs a fantastic home to compliment his fantastic disposition! For more on Luko see below


Please meet Fassa’s Friend Luko.  Luko is a male,  approximately 7 years old with natural ears and docked tail.  He is current on vaccines and will be neutered very shortly.  Luko’s owner had left Luko with a family member when he moved out of state.  standingThe family member could no longer care for Luko and had given him to a friend.  After a short period time, the friend decided to turn Luko into a local shelter. Many people do not realize the responsibility a pet is, nor do they do research on a particular breed of interest. Please consider both when thinking of adding a canine family member to your home.

6-25SittingLuko is a big guy, weighing in at 80 lbs.  He is however a Gentle Giant in every sense of the word at this time.  He is being fostered with 2 other dogs and a 5 year old child.  He is doing fantastic with all.

Luko walks well on leash, and at this time, does not appear to have a high prey drive.  While on leash and on a walk, he and his foster Mom had seen a deer and her doe.  Luko never gave either a second glance. Luko is potty trained. He knows the basic commands, “sit” & “paw.’  In fact it seems if you are a little too slow to give him a treat, he will paw your leg in the hopes of  moving you along. For all you you who like the Boxer kiss? This is your man! Luko loves to give kisses! Please note, we do the very best we can when taking pictures of our rescues, and in most cases (Luko is no exception!) our pictures do not do our dogs justice.  Please keep in mind too, it costs nothing to apply, become approved and check Luko out for yourself!

If you’re looking for a gemtle giant of a guy; one that will be your Best Bud, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page. if you’ve already done so and are approved, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com with your name and letting us know you are approved and would like to meet Luko. Believe me, this guy is an awesome, awesome dog. Any home would be lucky to include him as a new family member!