9-29 Update: Pastina-Teeny Bean continues to thrive.6-27greatteanibean Her foster Mom has taught her to wait for her food and she no longer eats too quickly.  Pastina Teeny Bean loves to play ball.  She has learned to sit until the ball is thrown.  She will bring it back to you as well. She thoroughly enjoys romping around a fenced in yard.  We are requiring a 6′ fence for Pastina as she can jump a lower fence.  Pastina is approximately 1 1/2 yrs old.  She is current on vaccines, has successfully been treated for heart worm and is in good health, just waiting for her fur-ever home. Pastina is crate trained and potty trained. She will need some leash training as she is very strong and will pull from time to time on leash. She is good with other dogs. No cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, or small animals please in Pastina’s potential fur-ever home.

Pastina’s early, very hard beginnings have not dampened her spirit one bit.  She is as happy, affectionate and fun as any dog could possibly be. To recap: She was starved by her former people; had a litter of pups (Pasta Pups-all adopted), before she was a year old; has been treated 9-26holdingBall-revfor heart worm….this girl DESERVES a great home.  She’s overcome so much in her very young life.  Pastina has the uncanny ability to know outside is for playing, inside is for cuddling! Almost immediately upon entering the house, she tones down her play. She can go from play mode to snuggle mode (inside of course) in just a minute or two! A home with young teens/teens would be perfect for Pastina. Though she doesn’t know how to play frisbee as of yet, she could easily learn and would be a great frisbee partner.  Pastina would not do well with toddlers or young children as she is much like a puppy herself  and could easily yet unintentionally knock down a small child. She would be a great companion for hiking, jogging, camping, and or running.  An active family would be right up Pastina Teeny Bean’s alley. To meet Pastina Teeny Bean is to love her!

I just about always look like I'm smiling, cause I Always Am!"

I just about always look like I’m smiling, cause I Always Am!”

If you would like to meet Pastina Teeny Bean and think she is a match for you, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page.  If you have already done so and are approved, pleae simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com and we will gladly set up a meet and greet.There is a family for every dog, so lets give Pastina a hand and help her find her family! Please share with your family and friends!  To meet her is to love her! Any family would be happy to call Pastina Teeny Bean a family member. She is a joy to play with and a pleasure to watch when she entertains herself. What a great gal!


8-3-15 Update: Hi folks! Pastina Teeny Bean here.  i just wanted to let you know how far I’ve come & to throw in a few new pics! Ahhh where to start! Well I like my crate now. Yep, never thought that would happen did ya? I go in with no problems. Just help me get my nylabone in the crate I& I’m good to go! My foster peeps were right, it’s a great place to relax As far as eating goes, I used to eat & drink so fast I would puke (probably because I was being starved before I was rescued, Ugh Shame on those other peeps!) Anyway, I now sit very nicely, my fosters tell me to relax & pet me until I am & then my bowl down.  Boy oh boy food tastes much better when you’re not eating like a piggy! We’re guessing I’m probably almost 1 1/2 years old around now (since I can’t count I’m not quite sure).  I could use some leash manners.  I do pull some on the leash. I am eager to please, so with a little training I should have that down in no time at all!  I am good with other dogs. I’m being fostered with two other dogs now with no problem.  For my one foster Bro who is older and more laid back, I have too much energy I think (I get on his nerves I think). For 5-25TinaFosterBromy other foster Bro who is my age, we play good together! A home with  a 6′ fence works best for me because I like to chase critters (maybe another throw-back from being starved? Who knows.)  When I run both of my front feet hit the ground at the same time, so I “hop” more so than run. This keeps my foster home laughing, for sure! My foster home has never seen a dog more light on their feet than me….bet if I were a human with 2 legs instead of 4, I’d be an awesome dancer, not to mention “easy on the eye” as I have eyes to die for! Ha!

Medically, I’ve been treated for heart worm & spayed!  I am current on all vaccines, heart worm preventative and flea & tick preventative. To sum it up, I’m happy5-24-15tiniBeanlayingoutside-go-lucky; I am to please. like to make peeps smile & laugh! Between the critter thing & the running thing my peeps think  I may be mixed with some type of a hound (psst….between you & me, they don’t know….heck, I don’t even know!) nay way if it sounds like you & I could be Best Buds, please complete an Adoption Application found under the adoption tab at the top of this page. if you’ve already done so, have had your home visit & are approved, simply email fassasfriends@gmail.com stating you are approved, your name & my name. We’ll then schedule a meet & greet as soon as possible. Thanks all! Hope to meet ya soon!


5-2-15 UPDATE:  Pastina is doing fabulously!  As expected, the time she has spent in the crate due to mandatory restricted activity during heartworm treatment recuperation, has allowed her to understand the crate is not a bad place.  She has adjusted very, very well. She will go in the crate for a treat, she chews her nylabone in the crate and seems quite content.  She rarely makes a sound when crated, unless she has to go potty or of course, it’s time to eat!  She remains a happy carefree young girl! She is also walking better on leash, again due to her restricted activity during heartworm recuperation.  Even though Pastina is doing well both crate-wise & leash-wise, I know she’s counting the days until she can hop & glide through the backyard like a little deer.  Pastina gets along well with other dogs and is fine withe people.  Her puppy nipping has subsided also. if She has just 2 1/2 weeks remaining of her recuperation from heartworm.  Pastina will then be spayed.        if your home is in need of a carefree happy young boxer mix, that remains up-beat & pleasant after all she’s been through, Pastina is your girl.  If you believe you’re a match for this bubbly little one, please complete an adoption application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page. If you’ve already done so, have had your home visit and are approved, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com with your name and letting us know you’re approved and would like to meet Pastina.  For pastina’s complete story read below:


Please meet Pastina.  She is a 1 year old female, boxer mix. As with most of our boxer-mixes, we don’t know what she’s mixed with but boy is she cute! Poor Pastina has already had a litter of puppies (Pasta puppies in separate bio) probably a few months before her first birthday. . Our vet ages her at just barely 1 year old if that, ow! This young nursing Momma was being starved by her family.  They were reported to Animal Control who immediately removed Pastina and her 4 extremely young pups from that situation and placed them in the shelter.  Fassa’s Friends was asked 2-15-15if there was room in the rescue for this family.  Of course FFBR would rescue this very young Mom and her young babies.  AS if things weren’t bad enough for Pastina (nickname Teenie), she has tested positive for heart worm.  She has begun heart worm treatment and is due to start the injections the week of April 12th.  Pastina is a young, vibrant, energetic little one therefore, the restricted activity she will have to endure will be difficult for her. Please folks, be sure to give your dog a monthly heart worm preventative. Restricting the activity of energetic young girl (again as our vet stated, “1 year old if that”) will be so difficult for her.  THIS IS ALL SO PREVENTABLE BY GIVING THEM A MONTHLY HEART WORM PREVENTATIVE..

Pastina is a bubbly young girl who has quickly learned “sit, stay.” and “Lay down.” She is highly treat motivated and would stand on her head for a treat if she knew how! She also knows “No.”  When she is told “No”, she immediately sits down.  She is learning not to jump up on people also.  In only a few days time, Pastina has just about learned the crate is not a horror!  She is much better in a crate and we expect during her recuperation period from heart worm treatment, she will be completely content when crated. Pastina is also potty-trained.  She is  bundle of energy when playing with other dogs.  She has yet to meet a dog she doesn’t like. She is so fun to watch run.  She glides like a deer. She is somewhat vocal therefore though she is on the smaller side, she would not be an appropriate match for a family living in an apartment on condo. When she hears another dog barking, she likes to say “Hi” back.  Pastina is current on vaccines, has been de-wormed and will be spayed after heart worm treatment is completed.