1-14-15SequoiaPlease meet the “Woods Family”  Sequoia, approximately 2 yrs old, is a female boxer mix.  She and her 5 pups were found in the Woods…yes folks in the woods on a cold, rainy day.  We can only imagine what she had to endure, until found and surrendered to a rescue. High Paw to Sequoia for keeping her pups safe until that time.  She walks well on leash with a gentle leader.  She had apparently been an indoor dog at some point as she is potty-trained.  She is small in stature, approximately 42 lbs. Her stand up ears do so naturally. We don’t know what her mix is, however reasonable to say she’s mixed with a breed with ears that naturally stand up ie; French Bull dog? Bull Terrier (which by the way is on the list of top 10 dogs good with children). of course we are not sure of her mix,, however  she’s certainly a breed very cute and exceptionally sweet and loving!  She is extremely loveable, thoroughly enjoying human contact, which it appears, has been absent from her young life for quite some time. She is good with other dogs and cats. She couldn’t be any sweeter! Sequoia is current on vaccines,  has been de-wormed twice,  and will be spayed next month, for which of course, FFBR is responsible. As a reminder: even though Sequoia is good with other dogs, it is the policy of FFBR to not adopt a female to a home that already has a female dog. We do however adopt females that are fine with other dogs, to homes with male dogs. Dumped in the woods either pregnant or with a litter of newly born pups, this little girl deserves every bit of love and comfort a home has to offer!