Riley is a mellow boxer-mix of about 70 lbs & 2 yrs old.  He is neutered, current on vaccines and potty trained. He has been passed around and needs the stability of a home he can finally call his own. Riley needs to feel confidence and be given the attention he so deserves. He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t 12-15Sittinglike and is great with our 5 yr. old son. He is content to just snuggle up near someone and relax but will play with our female pup Kayla when she starts chewing on him. He seems to gravitate to Kayla Riley and foster bromore than our male but then again she is always in your face so it’s hard to ignore her. Since he is a big boy he is very strong Riley andfosterbuddyplayingbut can be walked fairly good with my leash trick(which I will pass on) and I believe with some practice will be great on a leash. He loves running around the backyard stretching those long legs of his. We have noticed the harder rubber toys hold up the best with him and he is often walking around with one in his mouth. He loves chasing the ball and will bring it back and release it without any problems. Riley enjoys going for rides in the car & has been a good boy when coming with me to work. Please click here to see Riley in motion: http://youtube/pWJ8QELnAsA  He does prefer to be with his people so a family with a work from home member or part time hours would be ideal. An hour of your time meeting Riley is well worth the years of pleasure you’ll receive from this happy, loveable boy! Oh and did we mention how everyone who sees him in person remarks on how very handsome he is?


Only Day 2 in Foster, Riley & Kayla snuggle for nap time!


Easy-going Riley the elf for the holiday!

If you feel you would be a match for Riley, complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab. If you’ve already done so, and are approved, simply email us at letting us know and we’ll gladly schedule a meet and greet.To meet Riley is to Love Riley!