Please meet this little Beauty. Bella! Bella is a 3 yr. old purebred Boxer girl. She is current on vaccines BellatheBeautyand is spayed.  Bella was surrendered to her vet’s office. because one of the bella-looking-up-WEBVERSIONmultiple resident dogs she lived with, didn’t like Bella. For the past 3 weeks Bella has been boarded at the vet’s office.  While at the vet’s, they temperament tested her, as well as tested her with other dogs; some large, some small, some males and some females.  She passed all tests with flying colors!

Bella has not lived with children, yet when exposed to children, there has never been an issue. She walks relatively well on leash and is potty trained. At this time, we are in search of a quiet foster home for 3 weeks for Bella.  We all know how out-of-sorts our dogs are when they visit the vet’s office.  Well, Bella has been at the vet’s office for roughly 3 weeks! The office has been fabulous to Bella, spending as much time with her as they possibly can.  That being said, on those busy office days, Bella becomes a little stressed out.  She is also shy.  For these reasons, Bella who is due to arrive in NJ on 1/24. will not be ready to adopt for a few weeks after her NJ arrival.

We are in search of a calm foster home for Bella at this time; one with no young children or resident pets.  We feel it would be beneficial to Bella  having a few weeks to de-stress & de-compress.  If you would like to help Bella out by offering her a quiet homefb Bellasad eyes in which to relax, please complete a foster application found under the Tab: Ways you Can Help.  If you have been approved to adopt, however have not done so as of yet and would like to give this beauty a calm home so she can unwind for a few weeks, simply email us at with your name and saying “Bella can Crash at My Crib!” Beautiful Bella certainly could use a paw up right now. If you are unable to foster at this time, please share with your parents, family, and friends. Thank you for caring and sharing!