Please meet our Kadie Lady! Kadie is roughly 9-10 yr. old female Boxer.  She has been surrendered to Fassa’s Friends  as her family has found themselves in a position beyondkadie stretching their control.  After much thought and consideration for Kadie’s well-being,  they decided Kadie would have a better life in another loving fur-ever home that would be able to provide Kadie with more attention and time.

pretty KaydeShe has been extremely well cared for.  Her family had Kadie on a wellness plan, where she was taken to the vet every 6 months for check-ups and the heartworm/flea & tick preventative vaccine.  Kadie has no health issues, not even arthritis that we are aware of as per her vet records dating back 3 years.  How can anyone resist this face?

Kadie has lived with another boxer, and a newborn who is now a toddler.  She has never had an issue with either.  She enjoys being with people and on nice days, stretching out in a fenced in yard to “catch some rays!”  She is a low key lady that enjoys a little playtime when her Dad comes in from work.  Kadie is potty trained and walks well on leash.

Personally folks, you have not fully enjoyed a pet until they reach their senior years.  This is one of our co-founders absolute Favorite age.  The idiosyncrasies they have gained throughout their lives  are so fun to watch! Seniors are the cutest from their gray muzzles down to their quirkiness! In our co-founder’s book, you just can’t beat a senior for absolute pleasure and snuggles! If you feel you are a match for Kadie, please complete a Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page. if you’ve already done so, have had your homevisit and are approved, simply email us at and we will gladly schedule a meet and greet! Seniors are the Best! laying