Please meet Grace! Graciewithchild11-25-14 Grace is fine with children as you can see from the picture.  Grace can easily jump a 4′ fence, therefore a 5′ physical fence or higher is required.   ————————————————————-         Grace is a purebred, graciesitting11-24-14fawn boxer11-20-14Graciestanding with natural ears and docked tail.  She is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years old.  She was a stray when spotted by a fellow rescuer.  The rescuer spent two weeks attempting to humanely trap Grace.  Just as it began to get extremely cold, Grace was trapped and taken into safety and warmth.  Thank you Susan! Grace is current on vaccines and has been spayed. She is very calm and quiet.  Grace is on the smaller side and just so very pretty with her black mask. Right now, she is recuperating from her spay and therefore on restricted activity.  As we learn 11-20-14Graceheadshotmore about her, we will keep you updated.

If you would like to meet Grace, please complete an Adoption Application found under the adoption tab at the top of this page.  If you have already done so, and are approved, simply email us at with your name.  Grace will be able to meet you after she recuperates from her spay surgery in two weeks.