12/18 Update- Beans is absolutely fabulous.  pic2Turned headHe has been cleared for Adoption by the vet.  He is just as sweet as can be with his little nub wagging almost non-stop.  He enjoys a quick run around in the backyard and then is ready to go inside to relax 12-16BeansBowtiewith his people.  He is a calm boy of roughly 3-4 years old, and he’s in search of his very own “Home for the Holidays. ”  Here he is sitting with his Holiday Bow tie just waiting for your visit. If interested in12-16AdoptMeCookie meeting Beans please complete an application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab. Who can resist Beans’ Adopt Me Face pictured with his #Adopt Me Cookie? For more info on Beans, read below.



.  He is going to make someone a great companion.  We’d like to introduce Beans! Beans is a white, male boxer, approximately 3-4 years old.  He has one black patch of fur encompassing one eye!pic 1 How cute is this guy? Beans is current on vaccines and is neutered.

Although Beans has gained substantial weight in the past 3 weeks, our vet feels he is still 15-20lbs underweight.  He has a docked tail and natural ears.  Beans is  very calm and quiet. He is quite happy with his little nub wagging constantly.  He doesn’t chew anything in the house and is very comfortable in pic2Turned heada dog bed on the floor.  At this point in time, he is very shy with other dogs.  He is taking an antibiotic for a non-contagious infection and has a follow-up vet appointment on December 5th, at which time the vet anticipates he will be cleared for adoption. His lay-back, easy going temperament will just steal your heart!

He is learning some leash manners.  When he begins to pull on leash, the foster stops walking and he instantly stops pulling and waits.  He gives paw when he wants you to pet him.  His mannerisms are simply adorable.

If you think this calm, easy-going boy is a match for you, please complete an BeansSittingAdoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  If you are already approved, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com and we’ll gladly set up a meet and greet to see if Beans thinks you’re a match for him.