Please meet Anson! Anson is a purebred, male, brindle boxer.  He is approximately 4 years old.  He is neutered and current on vaccines. oops face 10-18-14 There is nothing “petite” about Anson. He is a large boxer roughly weighing 70 lbs.  Anson had tested positive for heart worm, treated and is done with his recuperation period. He is now ready for adoption.

1-17-14AnsonnewtoyHe is being fostered in a home with 2 children in elementary school and is fine. He also is being fostered now and had in the past, been fostered with a cat.  There were no issues.  His foster home says he is terrific!  Anson was fostered  in the past, with 2 small dogs and was fine. It was determined early on, though he likes other dogs he would rather they not be in close proximity to his food or when given a treat. Anson was a stray, therefore this food protection behavior  with other animals, may be a result of having to fend for himself.  This behavior may or may not change.  Anson is not protective of his food with people and children. Perhaps he knows dog food is not on our list of top300+ foods to eat!  We personally feed our resident dogs separately as do many with multiple dogs.  If interested in adopting Anson and you have a resident dog, we would require you separate the dogs at feeding times and for treats.  Our resident dogs have grown up together,  and yet we always separate them when feeding as a precaution.  Statistically, a large majority of scuffles are initiated by food.

Anson is potty trained.  He pulls on leash, however his foster family  is 11-17-14ATvickiesworking on leash manners as he is walked many times throughout the day. . He is also not a fan of the crate.  The fosters are very patient with him and also working on this as well. That being said, Anson is a sweet, loveable big boy. The second day in his NJ foster, we received an email from Anson’s foster mom saying, ” We love this dog!” Anson’s current foster home has no resident dog, therefore Anson would be fine as an only dog.

If you think Anson is a match for you, and you have the time needed to continue teaching him leash manners and also that the crate is his personal space where he can go to relax, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption tab at the top of this page. If you’ve already done so, and have been approved, simply email us a with your name, stating you are approved and we will gladly set up a meet and greet.