Please meet Zephyr. Zephyr6-1-14Zeypher2 is a male, boxer-mix, approximately 12 weeks old. His mom is a boxer/shepherd mix and his father is thought to be a golden retriever mix.  Whatever his lineage, he is absolutely adorable with an an exceptional temperament to match.  It is thought by his foster home that his true calling will be “couch potato.”  Though he enjoys playing he enjoys equal time snuggling.  He hasn’t pottied in his crate because he let’s you know when he needs to do his business.  Zephyr has had two of three puppy boosters and will get his third and final one within the next week or two.  He also will receive his rabies vaccine as per our 6-1-14Zeypher1vet’s recommendation.  He still may be a little too young and/or small.   Zephyr’s foster home consists of one ten year old and two sixteen year old humans…and a canine big bro, Buster.  Zephyr is fine in his crate, barely a whimper when he is crated.   This is all of the information are able to provide as he has barely had time to settle in.  We will keep you posted as we learn more.

As with all of our young puppy fur-ever homes Zeyph  a fenced in back yard is required for his safety.  Zeypher’s  Adoptive Family, as with all of our puppy families  will be required to take him to a Puppy Training Course.  The course must be completed.

In the mean time, if you’re interested in meeting Zephyr and are already approved, please simply email us at, giving us your name and letting us know you would like to meet him.  If you’ve not yet been approved, but completed an application, please email us at the above email address to let us know. If you’ve not completed an application please visit: to complete one found under the Adoption Tab at the top of the page.  Thank you and enjoy the pics of this precious pup!