Hello.  My name is Buddy, and my name fits me to a “T”.   I am thought to be some kind of shepherd mix.  I am not real tall so perhaps I may have LOOKING OFF TO SIDE 6-2-14 Australian shepherd in me?  nobody is really sure, as I have originally came from a shelter as a puppy who was found.  In any event, I am super sweet, and absolutely adorable.  My people who raised me came on some really hard times and as a result, they cannot keep me any longer.  This is really hard for them, but they know that there is a great family that is going to want to make me their own and love me as much as they have.  Until that happens, I am living in a kennel and hoping that a new family will find me right away as I am kind of missing having people to hang out with and to love.
I am just a truly perfect dog.  I am fully housebroken,I do  not need to be crated as I do not destroy things when left home alone, I am  great with kids, including infants and 6-2-14with friendtoddlers, and in fact I used to be the “mascot” at a day care center for kids.  I am great will all dogs, big and small, male and female.  I walk wonderfully on leash and even my former mommy who had problems at times walking was able to walk me without any problem.  I am just a low key, easy going love bug.  Now for the bad stuff, when people are not home, if a bedroom door is open I may accidentally find my way onto a bed and take a nap there.  I would like to 6-2-14Laying withflagthink of it as trying to keep the bed warm for my people. : )    Also, as good as I am with dogs, I am not a fan of cats and I will chase them.  Hey, I am a dog!  Finally, I love hanging out in a yard….and love it even more if there is dirt I can dig in.  I really don’t dig in grass, but dirt areas are meant to be dug in!  Again, I am a dog…..and I do think I look rather cute when I sit in the hole I dug.
So folks, please help me find a new home.  If you are interested in meeting me, please email fassasfriends@gmail.com     Also, even if I am not a match for you, wont you please spread the word about me needing a home.  As much as the people at the kennel are all in love with me and are taking good care of me, I really long to be someone’s “Buddy” once again.  Thanks for reading about me and for helping me to find a home.