Please meet Roady.  Roady is approximately 1-1 1/2 year old.????????????????????????????  He is a male boxer and appears to be a purebred boxer with natural ears and a docked tail. Fassa’s Friends was contacted by a local shelter asking for assistance.  He was originally picked up by Animal Control. This guy has had a rough start.  Our vet had treated Roady when he first entered the shelter.  He had a large wound on his front shoulder and ear with a large amount of missing fur.  At first glance, his injury was though to be “road rash.”  Our vet believes Roady,s injury resembles that of a large burn.  She believes that he may have crawel under something leaking chemicals. Roady was quite emaciated at that time weighing roughly 46 lbs.  A shelter employee, Kim, took very good care of Roady for two weeks during which he thrived.  We moved Roady into a temporary foster home yesterday.  He went to the vet and had gotten rave reviews on how well he is healing. Our vet was amazed at his progress! Thank you Kim at the shelter, for visitTovetsuch a fine job of caring for him.  He has also gained 8 lbs in the past two weeks weighing in at vetvisit54 lbs.  The vet said he should weigh roughly 65 lbs.  Roady will be neutered in 3 weeks after he has gained a few more lbs. and has had his follow up visit. Roady’s prognosis is excellent.  His fur is beginning to grow in and he is on his way to becoming a gorgeous Boxer Boy!

Roady appears to be potty trained, and does well in a crate. The time he spent in a home in the past, was most likely minimal.  Last night when the foster home turned on the TV, he gave an instant, short low growl.  However immediately afterward he was watching TV like the rest. I’m guessing he found NCIS quite interesting!

Roady is not playing with other dogs as of yet, due to his injury, however appears as though he’d be fine with them.  He play bows and jumps around when they go up to his crate.  We will keep you updated on this once they aren’t separated by the crate.  Roady is in need of manners.  It appears he has no training whatsoever.  Kim at the shelter had been teaching him “sit” and “off.”  He is highly food motivated and would do anything for a treat… treat and Roady says, “No way!” A professional training course will be required for Roady to help him become the best dog he can be. Small children at this point would not do well with Roady as he has no idea yet that jumping on people is not nice. He needs a home that has the time to follow through with training, and is committed to helping Roady become the fabulous Boxer he has the potential to be.  He is simply a diamond in the rough right now.  As he progresses over the next few weeks we will keep you informed.  If you would like to foster Roady, please complete a foster application found under the tab at the top of this page.

If you feel Roady would be a match for your home, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page. Given patience, time and love, this little boy will shine. ????????????????????????????