Update 9/7/14- Dakota is a female boxer mix and face-smallerwill be two in December. She has had an eventful summer! She’s learned learned 3 new commands” stay, come & down.” She likes to swim, either in the baby pool or adult pool & loves to play fetch and actually will bring the ball back to you. She knows to sit before you throw the ball. Dakota is extremely intelligent. She is very muscular, therefore  homes with teenagers or older would be fine….no small 9-6-14witballchildren.  She is fine with dogs her size or larger. Research has shown the risk of fighting is much higher and extremely more intense  between 2 females than it is between a male and a female or two males.  For this reason FFBR has instituted the policy of not adopting a female to  a home that already has a resident female.  Therefore, Dakota and all of our females, can only be adopted to either homes with no dogs, or homes with resident male dogs.  Scroll to the utube icon to the right & click to see the video “Dakota plays with Deuce” to see Dakota & her foster brother enjoying each others company. Because she doesn’t realize her own strength, homes with smaller dogs would not be suitable for Dakota.  She is playful, yet loves to snuggle, placing her head on your lap! She is a happy-go-lucky gal, in search of a happy-go-lucky guy to walk, jog, run, play fetch, or just snuggle with.  if you’d like to see how much prettier she is in person than in her pics, and you feel you’re a match for her, please complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  Pre-approved you say? Fantastic! Simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com and we’ll gladly schedule a meet and greet!


She is current on vaccines, and spayed. 4-1fbjillianpic She is approximately 14 months old.  Dakota continues to do well.  She rarely jumps on people.  Dakota is fine with teenagers & dogs her size or larger because she is a rough player and could unintentionally hurt a younger child or smaller dog.  She would not do well with cats. She has come a long way, rarely jumping on people now.  She is highly treat motivated & would stand on her head for a treat if she could!3-11-14LookingoutWindow Dakota knows “sit & stay”.  She responds pretty well to  “be nice,” if she appears too rough when playing.  She is highly intelligent.   She is potty trained and Dakota2-nylabonecrate trained.  She is in need of leash manners as she pulls.  Dakota is 58 lbs. of solid muscle, therefore is very strong.  She views all laps as “personal pillows.” She’ll run from anywhere to rest her head on your lap.  Though Dakota enjoys playing with her two foster brothers, she would also do fine as an only dog. She is very affectionate.  Dakota is a fun girl!

If you would be interested angryBirdHatin either fostering Dakota or adopting her, please complete the appropriate application found on our website: www.fassasfriendsboxerrescue.com. If you are unable to adopt at this time, please consider fostering as we are in search of a new foster home for Dakota in order to save a medically needy stray from a local shelter.  Thank you for your consideration and support. Early information is below.

————————————————————————————-Dakota has come along way in a short period of time.  She no longer chews shoes, however will carry around a sneaker with her when she wants to rest. How can anyone not Lover her 4″ ears? She’s just too stinking adorable!  She is roughly 1 year and 3 months old.  Dakota is housebroken, not once having an accident in the house.  She loves other dogs and is fine with children. She encountered her first 3 year old child yesterday and was just fine, however she could easily have jumped on the child knocking her to the ground.  Dakota is learning not to jump on people when she’s excited.  She also loves to snuggle.  When you sit down, she’ll come running from where ever she is to lay next to you with her head on your lap. Dakota is the perfect little Love Bug and Snuggler! She is one of our 11th 4-1jilliansidewayshour dogs having just a few hours left before facing an untimely demise.  Everyone that meets her, just thinks she’s so darn cute and sweet! She loves to play with the toys, chewing on nylabones, and prancing all over the backyard, and what a stunning “Prancer” she is.  If you would like to meet this precious pooch, please complete an Adoption application at the top of this page. Already approved you say? Great, simply email us at Fassaafriends@gmail. com letting us know and we’ll set up a meet and greet immediately.  Dakota is one wonderful girl that will make someone one fabulous companion! Dakota’s new pics are compliments of Jillian Kathryn Photography! Thank you Jillian for donating your time and pics!


Meet Dakota 2 (not to be mistaken for Dakota adopted in early in 2013).


3-2 Update:  Dakota is a great girl.  She is completely potty-trained, never

an accident in the house.  She believes all laps were made for her head…when relaxing, she loves to put her head in your lap.  She thoroughly enjoys all dogs, large and small.  Dakota believes every dog was put on earth to play with her.  She doesn’t drool, however does “snort.”  She is a funny, goofy young girl.  FYI- Dakota was one of our 11th hour rescues.  She had only a few hours left before scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter.

Let’s find this happy go lucky beauty her very own “pad” & “peeps.” Please share with family & friends.  A home with children 10 & over would be fine.  She would knock a young child to the ground as she’s young & though working on the “off” command, she doesn’t quite have it yet.  if you would like to meet this gem of a girl, please complete an adoption application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab. If you have already been approved, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com with your name and approval status and we’ll gladly schedule a meet and greet.  You won’t be disappointed. She is easy-going & by far one of the happiest fosters we’ve had.  Her tail is still only when sleeping; other than that her tail wags and booty shakes all of the time! What a great pooch!

Read below for previous info.

Update: 2-3-2014- Our vet has aged Dakota at 13 mos. old.  Dakota is a female fawn, boxer-mix.  Dakota will now “sit” on command (although “sit” + cookie is what she prefers).  She is treat motivated so easily trainable. She is a fun-loving, happy girl weighing 58 lbs.  Her pictures do not do her justice. All that have met her remark on her beauty.  She is very playful as most youngsters are, and enjoys playing with other dogs.  Because she is still a bit clumsy & doesn’t quite realize her size, she may unintentionally knock over small children.  Therefore children 10 and older are recommended.  If you have a small breed dog that loves to play, Dakota would be fine.  However if you have a small breed dog that would much rather relax, Dakota would be aggravating. Dakota enjoys chewing on a nylabone and is crate trained.  Though she doesn’t like to go in the crate, once she’s inside she is content to lay down.

She is also very affectionate.  She likes to be touching her people (ie; laying her head on your lap, touching your leg, etc.) If you’re laying down, she’ll “shimmy” her way along your side until she reaches your shoulder which is where she likes to relax.  Please keep in mind she does snore! She has been nothing short of a pleasure in her foster home.  She will run off with a shoe, sometimes to chew & sometimes just so it’s next to her.  We redirect her by giving her a nylabone. We tend to think her ears, though standing quite tall, were not docked.  They are possibly natural0, which just give her more character.  She is without a doubt, plain adorable!

To all happy, active families? Dakota is a happy, active girl you’ll want to meet! To do so,  —————————–

Dakota 2 is estimated to be one to one and a half years old. She weighs approximately 58 lbs. She is current on vaccines and will be spayed within the next two weeks. She is quite a cutie with extra long ears for extra character. Dakota 2 is very affectionate, enjoying much attention and petting.