Update 3/27/14-Dozer is still in need of a fur-ever home…again through no fault of his own! An approved home was very interested in adopting Dozer back in January, however wouldn’t be able to actually adopt him until March.  They were so very interested in him, we reluctantly agreed to this “Hold.”  We were just informed that this home WILL NOT be able to follow through with the Adoption after all, as their family structure had unexpectedly changed, which would leave Dozer home alone for extended periods of time. Luckily Dozer remained in his foster home throughout this interim period.  Folks? This is why we have never held a dog for a home in the past and why we will never “hold” a dog for a home in the future. Dozer had several approved homes interested in meeting him in the past few months, that have most likely gone elsewhere believing Dozer to be in Adoption Pending status…as did we.  Once again, Dozer is in need of a home.

Let’s please find this guy a home once and for all.   Dozer, can live with or without another dog even though he’s deaf. Read below for his information. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share with your friends, family and co-workers!

Dozer is a deaf, white male boxer with docked tail and natural ears.  He Dozerthumbnailis 5 years old.  Poor Dozer finds himself in need of a fur-ever home again.  He has been surrendered twice in 3 years!  The saddest part is that both times were absolutely not his fault.  He was originally surrendered to Fassa’s Friends when his owner found himself having to work longer hours leaving Dozer home alone for many, many hours each day.  He was adopted by a home shortly after. UPDATE 1/1/14-For three years Dozer and the female boxer, Sage lived in harmony with no issues.   Though Dozer is fine with the baby, Sage the female boxer started fighting with Dozer 2 months after the birth of their first child.  Sage is clearly the aggressor. Dozer’s Dad is heartbroken at having to re-home Dozer.  He states Dozer is his buddy and the best dog he’s ever known.  John also stated that Dozer can live with or without another dog (he’s being fostered by John’s cousin who has a boxer & they are  wonderful together). John also stated Dozer wouldn’t mind being an only dog.   Dozer is a fabulous Boxer Guy! Despite being deaf, he is great with people, DozerWcanineFriendchildren and other dogs.  He loves to take walks, ride in the car and play catch. He knows hand signals for “No” and “Sit.” For information on training a deaf dog, please see our Q&A section on this website.   He has never shown any signs of aggression whatsoever.  He is potty trained, however doesn’t like to be confined.  That being said, he has free roam when no one is home and doesn’t chew or touch a thing he shouldn’t.  What a great Guy!

Because Dozer is deaf, we require  (a).  A physical fence for his safety. A 4′ high fence is fine as Dozer isn’t a fence jumper, in fact has shown no interest at all in the fence.  Please help us find Dozer a new home.with or without another dog.    Share his story far and wide. If you are committed to providing this special, terrific guy a loving home, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption tab at the top of this page. Let’s get him settled  with a family he can call his own for the rest of his life! Please click to see Dozer play (note the hand signal):