We know how exciting it is, to adopt a rescue dog &  puppies are no exception.  We have just a few requirements for our puppies; requirements that help to insure your puppy adds years of pleasure to your home and also help to keep your puppy secure and happy.

1.  All of our very young puppies including Malea and her litter mates require a physically fenced in area in which to explore safely and assist with the potty training. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS REQUIREMENT.

2.  Fassa’s Friends is comprised of all volunteers.  No one receives a paycheck, a stipend, or any type of monetary gain for their services.  That being said all have employment (of course or we’d starve), children, families, commitments just as all of you.  For this reason we ask that you refrain from emailing asking for more information regarding the puppies.  All of the information we have is posted on each of their bios. By responding to such emails, we’re taking time that could be used to speed up Application Review, Home visit assignments, etc. to get you approved.

3. All of our young puppies such as Malea and her litter mates are required to attend a Basic Puppy Training Course. We know many of you have the ability to train your puppy to sit, give paw, etc. and that’s great, however there is so much more to learn.  A Basic Puppy Training Course teaches you how to teach your puppy boundaries and limitations while your puppy learns the essentials necessary to live a happy, well mannered puppy. Puppy training also increases the bond between the family and your puppy. Your puppy will be exposed to new people, new situations and be able to meet and greet each appropriately whether human or canine. Those of you that are not first time pet parents, can view this training as a refresher and most likely will pick up a few tips that you’ve not had in the past.  One can never have too much knowledge therefore, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  Thank you for understanding.

Please meet Malea.  Malea is a brindle,13 week old, female Boxer-mix. weighing in at roughly 15 lbs.. MaleaSitting Malea’s Mom, Mandy (also on our website), we believe is a Boxer/Lab mix.  Malea’s father’s breed/mix is unknown. Mandy was found chained to a large tank, with Malea and her litter mates in a box nearby.  Of 9 puppies, two were deceased when this family was found; such a rough beginning for such a young Mom and babies. Upon arrival to Fassa’s Friends, Malea was one of the shy females.  In just one week however, she malea 8-19 malea 1has begun to grow into her own, playful and bouncy!  She is being fostered in a home with other dogs and pets.  Malea will be fine with a canine companion or equally as fine as an only dog.  Malea has had her series of puppy vaccines.  She is working very hard on going potty outside and is doing a phenomenal job for her age.

If you think you’re a match for this little gal, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of the page. If you are a pre-approved home, simply email fassasfriends@gmail.com, letting us know you’re name and that you were approved. We’ll then gladly set up a meet and greet. Thank you for your support and choosing to adopt!