Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Lucy.

8-16-13 Update:  This is our Lucy.  Lucy is a great young, gal.  8-14hereslookingatyaWe believe she is somewhere around 1 year old.  We refer to her as our designer dog, a “Box-O-Mation” as we suspect she’s a Boxer/Dalmatian mix.  She is a great candidate for agility training. Her intelligence coupled with her eagerness to please,  moves Lucy to the top of the Great Family Pet List.  Lucy has experienced many “firsts” in her foster home.  She is particularly in awe of the ducks on the pond, wondering what the heck those things are!  She’s learned to climb the ladder to the slide and go down the slide in just a matter of minutes!

Lucy is a large girl.  She is housebroken, spayed, current on vaccines and is crate trained.  Though she doesn’t look forward to being crated, she will go in with a cookie coaxing!  8-14 Lucy standingShe continues to learn thanks to her fosters, Barbara and Charles!  She enjoys playing with other dogs. Lucy is showing progress when leash-walking.  Even though Lucy loves everyone, small children included, because of her size a home with children over 10 years old is best suited for Lucy.  She is very agile, therefore a home with a 6 foot fence is also necessary. 8-14LucysideLucy enjoys being touched anywhere, she doesn’t even squabble during a pedi!  From her foster parents, and all that have met her, the general comment seems to be that Lucy is a happy, sweet, loveable girl in search of a happy, sweet, loveable fur-ever home. Rescuing a boxer-mix is always  a challenge for Fassa’s Friends.  We believe however, that those of you choosing to adopt, are as interested if not more so, in temperament as you are in pureness of breed, realizing that a boxer mix can have the best traits and temperament of two breeds, as in Lucy’s case.

If you think you’re the happy home Lucy needs, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page.  If you’re a pre-approved home that would like to meet Lucy, please email us at: Just let us know you are in fact pre-approved and we’ll gladly set up a meet and greet. It doesn’t cost anything to meet Lucy, so what do you have to lose? To learn what Lucy experienced early in life, please ready below.  Lucy’s foster parents will attest to the fact that Lucy’s meager and pitiful beginnings HAVE NOT effected her negatively at all!

Lucy may be a bit younger than 14 mos. Lucy’s foster home is noticing more black fur spots on Lucy’s coat which occurs as dalmatians grow from pups to young adults.  She also has the energy of a younger pup.  Lucy is completely potty trained and with the work of her foster home, is crate trained.  She is extremely intelligent according to her foster people.  They have taught Lucy how to climb and go down a sliding board. Lucy does not like cats.  This became evident while on a walk when one crossed her path.  She immediately tried to chase at full speed.

Other than spotting a cat on her walk, Lucy is learning quickly how to walk nicely on leash. Lucy is being exposed to many things for the first time.  She had observed ducks and geese while walking with her foster Mom, and was just in awe, wondering what those “things” are. Thank you foster folks for opening up Lucy’s world!

Lucy’s potential Adoptive Home is required to have a 6′ fence as she likes to romp and bounce about when playing outside. Lucy is spayed, current on vaccines.  She is great with other dogs. Lucy is ready and waiting for her fur-ever home to find her. Please complete an application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page if you feel you “found your Lucy.” If you are a pre-approved home, simply email us at to let us know and we’ll schedule a meet and greet! For more on Lucy’s beginnings, read below.



Lucy is approximately one yr. old.  She is a  female boxer mix.  She has a docked tail and natural ears. She may be mixed with Dalmatian…look at those spots! Whatever her mix, she  is absolutely beautiful.  Lucy’s story is originally one of sadness.  Lucy was shot in the back with most likely buckshot.  Luckily, none of those pellets interfered with her spinal column or central nervous system.  She was taken to the vet who performed surgery removing the buckshot.  Most all were superficial with only one leaving a small scar.  Fassa’s Friends has dubbed her Lucky Lucy as being shot has not effected her in the least physically or emotionally!  Once Lucy was ready to return home, the vet telephoned her people, leaving several messages.  Lucy’s people never returned the call nor did they pick her up… that’s right folks, they just left her there, never to be heard from again! Lucy was left at the vet’s office for approximately 3 months, getting outside to potty only! Still, her spirit was not dampened!  Now, she is ready for a forever home to love her!

Lucy is a happy, carefree sweetheart of a dog!  She has a great temperament, in fact that of a puppy. She likes to play with toys, and will entertain herself if need be, with a ball.  She is potty trained.  She initially enjoys play-bowing when in the company of other dogs, and then engages them in play.  She is not at all dominant.  Lucy’s foster home is working

Peek a Boo, Lucy Lou!

Peek a Boo, Lucy Lou!

with Lucy on crate training.  lucy-6-1 transport picObviously months in a crate at the vet’s with little exercise, has soured her to the crate.  Thank you Lucy’s foster folks for working with her on this.  Lucy is now being fostered with two resident dogs, one smaller and one roughly her size.  She is fine with both. Lucy is not horrible on leash, but does pull from time to time.   We will update you when we learn how Lucy is with children.

If you would like to meet Lucy, please complete an adoption application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  If you are a pre-approved home, simply email us at to let us know and we’ll schedule a meet and greet! Lucy is a super-great dog in search of a super great home!