Update 9/13/13: Meet Fassa’s Friend Gracie! Gracie is doing great! She is a 3 year old beautiful Boxer-mix.  She is current on vaccines and has been spayed. Gracie is shy.  When confronted with situations of uncertainty, she retreats.  That being said, Gracie’s foster home has been working with her with hotdog pieces on hand.  Within the past two weeks, Gracie’s shyness has decreased.  For the past week, she has been walked daily throughout the neighborhood, gradually exposing her to more and more.  She has been taking hot dog bites from new people without a problem.  Gracie had her first trip to PetSmart yesterday, where she was greeted with Ohhhs and Ahhs! The groomer stated Gracie was an excellent client! They absolutely loved her as does her foster home. Gracie is beginning to enjoy the world around her as she has started playing with toys just this week.

Gracie can jump a 5′ fence.  She will chase squirrels and rabbits, therefore a home with a 6′ fence is required for her.  She is wonderful with children as shown in Gracie’s pictures with children.  She walks beautifully on leash looking forward to a daily walk and pulls only when spotting a rabbit or squirrel, however she is easily redirected with…you guessed it; a hot dog bite.  Gracie knows “sit” and “stay.’  She is learning she has to sit before crossing the street.  Gracie has been more shy of men, than women, however as she is exposed to men more and more, her shyness has lessened.

Gracie’s ideal fur-ever home is one that will give Gracie a week-10 days to adjust at her pace to her new surroundings, then introduce her gradually to the world around her. If you’re interested only in a dog that will give you doggie kisses on the first meet and greet, Gracie is not the dog for you. Gracie loves to give doggie kisses & snuggle,  once she knows you.  If you’re a home that will give Gracie time to adjust and expose her to new experiences gradually, you ARE the home for our Gracie! Gracoew2kids There has been nothing more rewarding for Gracie’s foster home than to see her gradually emerge from her shell of uncertainty. We are extremely proud of the progress Gracie has made in just a few weeks!  In fact, if her foster home had a 6′ fence, there wouldn’t be a bio for Gracie…..she’d be adopted already!  If you’re interested in adopting Gracie, please complete an Adoption Application at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.   Please see below for Gracie’s previous bio.


Gracie is a Beautiful 3 year old Boxer-mix.  She is black  and white with natural tail and ears.  Gracie is an owner surrender.  Her people have fallen on very hard times.  Though Gracie is truly loved by her family and it is extremely difficult to surrender her, they realize there is just no other way. With times being tough for many people, we are seeing this more and more.  We wish Gracie’s family the best of luck.  We want to make it perfectly clear that Gracie has been truly loved; GracieLayingOutsidenot at all abused or neglected.  She has also been well taken care of receiving heartwrom preventative regularly and visiting the vet for her annual check up. She is just a nice, nice well adjusted girl!

Gracie is on the petite side, weighing in at 45 lbs.  She is potty trained and walks rather well on a leash, pulling slightly on occasion.  Gracie is great with other dogs, both large and small.  She also adores children from toddlers to adult.  She is not a counter surfer, nor does she grab food from a young child’s hand.  Gracie likes to play catch and also would be terrific at agility. Gracoe loves kidsAccording to Gracie’s family, she finds a 5′ fence a challenge, jumping one every opportunity she has, only to turn around  immediately, to jump back in.  For this reason, Gracie’s adoptive home is required to have at least a 6′ fence.  Because she finds “fence jumping” so challenging, Gracie’s people feel Gracie would excel and enjoy agility training.  Gracie is still a little man-shy however not nearly as shy as she’s been in the past.

Gracie truly enjoys the family life and loves everyone of all ages Gracie -canine palwithin the family.  Let’s help Gracie find a new family one that will love her and one that she can love!  If you feel you’re a match for Gracie and would like to meet her, please complete an Adoption Application under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page.  if you have been preapproved, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com and we’ll gladly set up a meet and greet.