7-13-13 Update and Pics:

Bubb &  BFF, Max

Bubb & BFF, Max






Bub is currently spending his days in a kennel as we don’t have a foster home available for him.  I am a rescue volunteer and I go to the kennel to visit him daily and let him have some play time.  This past week, a dog named Max has been boarded at the kennel while his people are on vacation.  Seems Bub and Max have become best buds!  7-13-13BubbandMaxBubby could not care less that I am there to visit with him.  As soon as I let him out of his run, he goes around to the other side of the kennel and searches for his new BFF.  He then stands there wagging his tail and play bowing at Max.  That is until I show Bub I have dog treats in my pocket! Then he quickly remembers that I am his best friend and comes to play with me.   Smart Bubby!
Bubby is in search of a forever or a foster home.  If you are interested in learning more about him, please contact us at fassasfriends@gmail.com
 For more about Bubby, read below.  It is our best “guess” that Bubby is possibly mixed with Plott Hound, with traits of high intelligence and loyalty.   Please see the pic below. Those of you that have been following us, remember this pic of Bubby from December of last year.  bubby picsOnce and for all, Bubby deserves a great foster or fur-ever home.  He’s a very special boy, just had his very first Birthday and is in need of a very special foster/furever home! Happy Birthday Bubb! We’re sure someone will step up in order for your second year of life to be much more stable than your first!



Please meet Fassa’s Friend Bubby!

6-20-13 Bubby's all smiles; Birthday #1 is next month!

6-20-13 Bubby’s all smiles; Birthday #1 is next month!

He is a Brindle Boxer mix with natural ears and tail.  Bubby is housebroken, neutered and current on his vaccines. Bubby is a large boy, already weighing in at 65-70 lbs. Bubby “goes with the flow.” If you want to watch TV, he’ll watch with you…if you want to play, he’ll play with you; if you feel like a walk, Bubby is right there to walk with you.   Bubby seems stressed or overly excited around young kids or a lot of activity. Therefore, Bubby will do best in a home that does not have young children or high energy teens.  W home with calmer teenagers would be fine. 

Though we cannot be 100% sure of course, we believe Bubby is a Boxer Plott hound mix. Plott hounds have exceptionally shiny brindle coats such as Bubby’s coat.  They are by nature loyal, loving and intelligent.  They also are great family pets. Unlike the boxer, the Plott hound enjoys the water as does Bubby. Bubby doesn’t mind walking at all in the rain. Fassa’s Friends has rescued and re-homed two Boxer/Plott hounds in the past.  Both are great family members and companions. 

At the moment, Bubby is being kenneled and in need of both a forever as well as a emporary foster home.   Not only is the Plott hound the official State Dog of North Carolina, Bubby is also the official Canine Greeter at the kennel welcoming every dog that walks near him.  He walks to each run and play bows with each dog…he’s just too cute!  Bubby is also good with cats.  He is a happy go lucky boy, that will make a great companion for any family and resident dog.  Bubby walks well on  leash, enjoying his jaunts through the neighborhood.  He is also crate trained.  Bubby will thrive in a home that provides structure and routine. If interested in either adopting or fostering Bubby, please complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  If you are pre-approved and would like to meet Bubby, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com.  FYI-To meet Bubby is to love Bubby…he is one of Fassa’s Friends favorites. He is one special guy in need of one special home! Please keep in mind it’s very difficult to  photograph a black or in Bubby’s case brindle dog.  That being said, Bubby is much cuter in person than in pics. His pleasing temperament makes him even cuter yet!