3-23 UPDATE Stewie- Stewie had his vet appointment today.  Sadly, poor Stewie has heartworm.  His bloodwork indicated he has not only adult heart worm, but also the adults have been in his heart long enough that baby worms are also present.  Stewie is such a mild mannered, low key boy.  He is approximately 3 years old according to our vet.  He is housebroken and favorite thing to do is try to crawl in your lap.  He is small and petite in stature….so he can get away with being a bit of a lapdog, or at least trying to be one. We are in need of a quiet foster home for Stewie as he undergoes heart worm treatment. Stewie will be treated at a vet located on Rte 322 in Mullica Hill NJ.  If anyone is intersted in fostering Stewie during his treatment it will reuqure about 3 trips to the vets office in that area.  Areas of Delaware, Pa. and various parts of  Jersey are within easy driving distance of our vet in Mullica Hill.  After Stewie’s treatment, the recuperation period is 5 weeks of restricted activity.  This simply means Stewie is to be crated, with only brief leash walks allowed in the yard to potty.  He is not to do an exercising while on restricted activity.  If you are considering fostering Stewie, please complete a foster application asap so that we can get you approved, and get Stewie started on his treatment! Look at his face, how can anyone resist Our Little Stewie!  If you are not able to foster but know someone who may be willing to do this to help save this little guy’s life, please share this info and ask that they contact Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue.  Fostering is such a rewarding experience!




Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Stewie. Stewie is approximately 4 years old. He is a fawn male with natural ears and docked tail.  He is current on his3-6-13 Carroll County Male1 vaccines.  Stewie was found as a stray, and consequently a little on the thin side.  He has been evaluated and we now have the following informatio.:

Please note  Stewie was evaluated in the Shelter setting: Stewie was shy at first, but warms up quickly.  He was not reactive to other dogs going through the kennel. Though curious when outside with other dogs, no hackles were up nor was there an aggressive stance.  He was friendly to all the people he met.  He doesn’t strike the evaluator as a dog who has been chained up or on a run.  He pulled slightly on leash, but didn’t take it to the limit.  3-6-13 Carroll County Male2From the initial evaluation, we feel Stewie will be fine as an only dog.  His shy and timid demeanor would require his Adoptive home to spend time with Stewie introducing him to the world around him.  He is a very sweet boy and in need of a sweet and caring home.  Stewie will be arriving in NJ  3/16/13, and going to his foster home.  Once settled in, we will learn more about him and keep you updated.  Stewie has already become quite a celebrity on our facebook page therefore if you are the least bit interested in meeting Stewie we would urge you to complete an Adoption Application (there is no fee or obligation for doing so). You wouldn’t want this little guy to slip through your fingers! The Adoption Application is found under the Adoption Tab at the top of the page and should only take a few minutes to complete.