Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Ashley.  Ashley is a deaf white Boxer baby, approximately 1 year old, if that! She was a stray that was picked up by Animal Control then taken to the shelter.  Another rescue had committed to Ashley until she tested heartworm positive at which time the other rescue backed out.  We don’t blame the other rescue as heartworm treatment is extremely expensive.  All rescues do what they can in an effort to save each and every shelter dog.  Once testing positive, Ashley’s days were numbered as she was deemed sick.  We can’t blame shelter either for decisions they are forced to make daily as they are overwhelmed with in-coming strays.  We do, however blame those people that do not spay/neuter their pets! Hearing of Ashley’s  plight, FFBR (Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue) stepped in immediately.

Ashley is a happy-go-lucky, playful, young pup that deserves a chance!  She is great with other dogs and is housebroken.  She is a petite little girl weighing in at roughly 40 lbs. In just a few short days, she’s brought great pleasure to her foster mom…Thank you foster Mom! She knows some sign language and is in the process of learning more in her foster home. She is crate trained.  As with all of our deaf dogs, Ashley will require a home with another dog that she can follow and also a home with a fence.

Ashley will begin the heartworm treatment protocol on Saturday.  As mentioned above, Heartworm treatment is extremely costly.  Our small fundraising efforts are designated for dogs such as Ashley that are in need of extra medical attention. As with most of the rescues from shelters, the vetting cost for Ashley will far exceed her $350 adoption fee. There is still time to order one box of candy (until 3/23/13), one bag of jelly beans from Gertrude Hawk Chocolates (Bunny icon on the left of the Dogs Available for Adoption Page) or simply make a donation through our Paypal.  There are 3 days remaining for the Gertrude Hawk fundraiser. Once ordered, the candy will be shipped directly to your door no matter what state/where you live.

If you are interested in meeting Ashley, please complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab.  To learn more about training a deaf dog, please visit our FAQ section.

Thanks for your support!