UPDATE 2/8/13- Scrappy is doing great at his foster home.  He is really laid-back and just likes to chill! Scrappy has a bit of a deformed back foot.  The vet believes this is a birth defect.

All Dressed up, waiting for my fur-ever home!

All Dressed up, waiting for my fur-ever home!

When taken to the vet for his initial visit, he was placed on two antibiotics for a possible foot infection.  He’s been on his antibiotics for 12 days now and the infection in his foot is gone!  He is now moving normally.  Scrappy’s foster home just loves this big old mush faced guy.  Scrappy is easy, touching nothing he shouldn’t when home alone.  He doesn’t need to be crated.  When his people are home, he just wants to follow them or be pet.  Scrappy has really bonded quickly to his human foster brother.  Though he’s wonderful with the females in his foster home, when his foster brother comes home from work, Scrappy sees no one but him.  It’s just the funniest thing.You just can’t help but love this guy. Look at that face! Please enjoy professional photo by Valerie Bruder Photography. See that? Scrappy doesn’t mind dressing to go out…and how very handsome in his tie, don’t you agree? For more on Scrappy, read the post below. Enjoy Scrappy’s pic!


Please help us welcome Fassa’s Friend Scrappy 2 (not to be confused with Scrappy puppy that was adopted in 2010).  Scrappy 2 is a 7 year old, fawn, male boxer with natural ears and docked tail.  He is current on his vaccines and is neutered.15-13 Scrappy standingScrappy 2 is being re-homed due to circumstances beyond his people’s control.  His family will miss him dearly however realize this is the best for him.

Scrappy is potty trained, and has full run of the house.  When left alone, he doesn’t touch anything on tables, counters, etc.  He just curls up and takes a snooze.  Scrappy knows basic commands such as “sit”, “paw” which is also interchangeable with “high five!”  Scrappy had been trained using the clicker. If you would like to continue that training he may need a brush-up lesson or two.  He enjoys being brushed and just scratched anywhere.  If you are scratching him in one spot, Scrappy will slightly move around to be sure you’ll hit every spot! He is an adorable little guy that enjoys the company of all people.  Scrappy just goes with the flow.  If you want to walk, he’s right there with you….if you want to relax and watch TV, he’s game!  He enjoys the company of children as well.  Scrappy has been living with a Shih Tzu and there has never been an incident.  He enjoys playing with balls and from time to time, will make brief runs around the yard. If your looking for a 4 legged companion; one to walk with, one to snuggle with, one to hang with, then look no further, Scrappy is your guy!

1-5-13 laying on deckYou can’t help but fall in love with this guy as soon as you meet him! Scrappy would have been adopted within the first 5 minutes our volunteer met him if she didn’t already have 2Scrappy thumbnail 1-5-13  resident dogs, not to mention foster dogs! He’s just that adorable and sweet. If you think your home is a match for Scrappy and would like to share your home and heart with him, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of this page.  If you are already an approved home, simply email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com or call us at (856) 889-0832 and we’ll gladly schedule a meet and greet!