2-2-13 Valerie Bruder Photo

Slimming right down 2/2/13…75 lbs.!

Please welcome Fassa’s Friend, Sasha.  UPDATE 2/8/13- Just a quick update on our “little” girl, Sasha.  She is doing fantastic!  As she sheds those unwanted pounds (12 lbs total so far! Way to Go Girlfriend!), she is urinating less frequently.  She is running more and more with her canine foster Brother Eli.  Sash is able to run almost full speed for 100′! These may seem to be small steps for many but for Sasha they are huge! She’s probably not run 100′ in quite some time. She wouldn’t have been able to run that distance if she wanted to in the past, given her excessive weight!  It is very rewarding for her human foster family to watch her run with her one year old canine foster brother.  Sasha knows the commands, “sit and”give paw.” She remains a very happy girl.  Her tail is always wagging from side to side.  Sasha would be a great canine companion for a retired couple.  She loves to ride in the car and loves the company of her people.  She also loves children. Sasha was photographed in her newest photo by Valerie Bruden Photography. Thanks Valerie for the great pic of our Girl!  FYI- The white on Sasha’s muzzle isn’t from age, as one would automatically assume.  That white is strictly her marking. Sasha just loves people, young and old, loves to travel and visit.  She is extremely happy, and just so easy going.

Enjoy her new photo by Valerie Bruder Photography!


Sasha is a 3 1/2- 4 year old Boxer mix.  Sasha’s story begins a little over 2 years ago as a stray, roaming the North Carolina countryside until picked up by Animal Control. She had been fostered in NC by a family with children until Fassa’s Friends was able to transport her to NJ.  At that time she was placed into a NJ foster, with another dog where she successfully underwent heart worm treatment. This early exposure to both children and other dogs was instrumental in Sasha’s well rounded temperament today.  She adores children of any age and equally enjoys the company of other dogs, large and small.  She enjoys “down time” with her people, being pet while watching a little TV or simply snuggling next to you.  She has free roam when no one is home and doesn’t touch anything but her nylabone while you’re gone. Sasha would be happiest and certainly benefit tremendously, in a home with another dog. She loves to go for car rides and play with children of any age. She is potty trained and enjoys walking.

Sasha was adopted by a great family in January 2011.  Her family had to make the painstakingly difficult decision to surrender her back to Fassa’s Friends, due to a debilitating illness in the family.  Our hearts go out to this family.  This family shed many tears while we made arrangements for Sasha’s return.  She was

Too, too “Chubby!” 87 lbs! -January 5. 2013

and is truly loved.  Sasha was returned to Fassa’s Friends a little larger, actually 40 lbs. larger,

Sasha-October 2010 (Perfect Weight)

Sasha-October 2010 (Perfect Weight)

just a few lbs. short of doubling her prime weight of 45 lbs.  Yes folks, Sasha weighed 87 lbs.  We know this massive weight gain wasn’t intentional. A pet gains weight gradually and sometimes, before you know it your pet has blown up like a balloon or as in Sasha’s case, a sausage! For several months we had attempted to work with her family on weight control, however sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand that an overweight pet though of course happy, isn’t always healthy. We know  Please folks keep a close eye on your pet’s weight. Over feeding your pet is not the primary reason  your pet is happy and content. Being with you, being able to depend on you, being loved and included as a family member is what your pet desires, not extra bowls of food! That being said, Sasha is now losing weight in her foster home.  In just 2 1/2 weeks she’s lost roughly 8 lbs from exercise, and simply eating twice a day as opposed to all day. For snack, Sasha thoroughly enjoys a few green beans as much as she would the average dog treat! Good for you Sash!

Sasha is a happy  fun-loving girl, enjoying everyone and everything life has to offer.  There isn’t a mean bone in her “chubby” little body.  There are no permanent medical repercussions due to Sasha’s obesity. At this time, she urinates frequently.  Our vet and two vet practices her former family had visited regarding this issue had reached the same diagnosis …simply stated? Obesity, too much excess fat pressing on her bladder.  Tests were also performed in December 2011 to confirm this diagnosis.  Sasha had visited the vet on 1/24/2013. Many of the earlier tests were repeated to re-confirm the test results of 2011. Yay Sasha! Her weigh-in at the vet’s was under 80 lbs…79 lbs to be exact! Sasha has been eating once in the morning and once in the evening. Give her a nylabone to chew on throughout the day and she’s just as content as she would be with extra bowls of food. What an easy, happy pooch she is! We will keep you posted.

Sasha is current on vaccines, and spayed.  She receives monthly heart worm preventative.  Sash enjoys playing with other dogs large and small.  Sasha adores children of all ages as much as she enjoys adults. She knows “sit” and also understands “No.”  Sasha has free roam of the home and chews only on her nylabone when no one is home.  She enjoys car rides, and spending time with her people, whether playing with them in the yard or merely curling up next to them to watch a little TV.  Sasha also enjoys walking.  A harness works much better for Sasha than an actual leash. Sasha’s activity level continues to increase as her weight continues to decrease….a good sign for our happy girl! Sasha’s ideal foster or adoptive home would include another dog or dogs.  She enjoys romping with other dogs, not to mention how beneficial such exercise is for her overall health and weight loss.

Now, let’s move on to the age old New Year’s Resolution of losing weight ourselves, shall  we? How many of us an find this very difficult to do? After working all day, going home, getting changed, jumping back in your car, heading to the gym only to find out everyone else had the same idea? You then have to push your way through the crowd, or wait in line for the machines you want to use. You may get disgusted, decide to leave and try it again over the weekend.  The cycle is then repeated! Now imagine this: getting home from work, changing, and running around the back yard with your exercise companion Sasha, or simply a daily routine of walking with your exercise companion. What better way to wind down from a busy day. The rewards are two fold; 1. you’ll be getting in shape and losing excess pounds while watching happy-go-lucky Sasha do the same and of course, with a lot less Hassle! Between you and me? You couldn’t ask for a more pleasant, and eager exercise companion!

sasha and xmas garb

Slim & Trim-December 2010

If the above scenario appeals to you, please consider fostering Sasha, or any of our other wonderful rescue dogs.  If you have any questions regarding fostering, please check our post, Fostering For Fassa’s Friends or call Nancy at (856) 374-0919, or simply complete a Foster Application.  If you’re a pre-approved Adoptive Home, there is no need to complete a foster application, please either email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com or give Nancy a call. If you’d like to adopt Sasha, please complete an Adoption application; again if pre-approved, simply email us or give Nancy a call.  Thank you and Happy Exercising!