Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Chipper!

Update 9-1-13-Chipper is a 2 ½ year old boxeraerial view mix with natural ears and a docked tail. He is brindle and white; current on vaccines and neutered. Chipper is doing terrific.  He has undergone and successfully completed heart worm treatment and has recuperated nicely. Chipper was pulled from a shelter in South Carolina by a person who after seeing him, just couldn’t get her mind off of him. He was moved several times, where ever there was room for him during the next few weeks.  All of his moves during that time were temporary…a few days here, a few days in a backyard kennel, a few days there. Once Fassa’s Friends heard of Chipper and saw his pictures, we too couldn’t get him off of our minds.  We agreed to bring Chipper into Fassa’s Friends. Once Chipper arrived in New Jersey, it was determined by his trainer, Chipper had trust issues.  Let’s look at this a minute folks…is it any wonder? He was apparently someone’s pet at one time, ended up in a shelter and then pulled from the shelter with good intentions, yet bumped every few days from one place to another for weeks.  He was fearful and untrusting of humans.  Chipper has worked on this issue with his trainer who has shared with us that Chipper is now ready for adoption to a home committed to Chipper’s continued learning and well-being.Chipper on the move 12-8-12 Chipper is very attentive and sittinglistens to and follows commands. Good Boy Chipper, keep up the good work!

It is paramount that Chipper’s ideal home WILL BE ONE:

1.    WITHOUT CHILDREN and DOES NOT feel the urge to frequent dog parks.

2.    THAT WILL be willing to meet with his trainer for a few sessions in order to build on Chipper’s training using Behavior Modification.  

3.    THAT WILL provide structure and stability for Chipper.

4.    THAT has experience with large dogs.


6.    WITH PATIENCE. As they say patience is a virtue, however if it’s not one of yours, Chipper is not a match for you.

This is very sad indeed, however as a rescue, we know the right home is out there.  It is just a matter of that home finding Chipper. Chipper’s trainer will work with the right home getting Chipper acclimated to his new peeps and environment. Chipper’s trainer and those of us in rescue know there is nothing more rewarding than working with a dog and watching him slowly evolve into all that he can be under our supervision, commitment and care.  If you are the home that will commit to Chipper, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of the page.