Our Beautiful Ali!

Please meet Fassa’s Friends, Bosco & Ali.  Bosco, white purebred male boxer

Our Handsome & Hearing Bosco!

just celebrated his 5th birtday in August.  Ali, his fawn, female & BFF since both were puppies, just celebrated her 5th birtday in July.  Bosco & Ali have been rehomed once again, the second time in 1 1/2 years, again du to no fault of their own.  Again, life’s cicumstances have affected Bosco & Ali.  Their most recent home consists of two people working 10 hour days, & a new baby.  There are not enough hours in the day for Bosco & Ali’s current home to give them the time & attention any dog, not to mention two, need.  Both Bosco & Ali are current on their vaccines, spayed & neutered, & are potty trained.  They are also crate trained.  They enjoy sunning & playing with each other or their people in the backyard.  For this reason, we are requiring their potential “fur-ever” home (with an emphasis on “fur-ever”), have a fenced in yard. Bosco & Ali are a great pair & a great pair, they will stay.  If you are interested in adopting just one of this pair, please direct your attention to one of our other dogs for adoption. We are committed to keeping Bosco & Ali together.  Please click on the fb icon on the previous page to see Bosco & Ali at Boxer Recess.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS! When you look at the pictures, I’m sure you’ll see Bosco & Ali are very bonded & deserve a home together.   

A snooze in Bosco& Ali Style!


If you would like to foster Bosco & Ali, please call us at

The Bosco & Ali hug!

(856) 889-0832 &  leave a message.  We will be glad to discuss with you, what fostering entails.  If you would like to meet Bosco & Ali for possible Adoption, please complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page UNDER THE ADOPTION TAB. If you’re as committed as we are to finding this pair a fur-ever home Forever, please contact us.