UPDATE 8/3/12-Sheila has undergone her heartworm treatment and has just 1 1/2 weeks of recuperation left.  She is then due to be spayed on 8/15.  She is a great playful brindle boxer girl.  She is great with children, other dogs and loves to play with toys.  She is not a counter surfer and thoroughly enjoys people.  Paco Taco and Portia are the two remaining pups of Sheila’s litter, still in need of “fur-ever” homes.  If you think you would like to meet any of our dogs, please complete an adoption application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of the page. 


.  Please see their postings. Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Sheila!  Sheila is a 4 year old boxer with docked tail and natural ears. She is brindle with an easy temperament, despite the fact that she was tossed out to fend for herself with a litter of 8 pups!  That’s right, poor Sheila was found in a ditch with her  6 week old puppies.  Sheila was tossed out with her little ones like trash.  She and her family were taken in by a nice woman and rescue was contacted.  She and the kids are in foster and will be making their way to NJ shortly. Sheila is up to date on rabies, bordatella and distemper vaccines.

Sheila is another of the many Fassa’s Friends has rescued with heartworm.  She will be undergoing heartworm treatment in a few weeks. Heartworm treatment is comparable to chemotherapy in humans.  We can’t stress enough, the importance of giving your canine companion it’s monthly heartworm preventative.  A 3 month supply of preventative costs less than what you probably spend for  your daily cup of coffee in one month.  Heartworm is curable, however injections are painful, treatment is very expensive and  recuperation is long.  Sheila’s pups are boxer-mixes and are now roughly 7 weeks old.  They have been wormed and have received their first, in a series of 3 puppy vaccines.  They are not in danger of contracting heartworms from Sheila.  The pups have been weaned and are now eating puppy kibble, and like Sheila are gaining weight becoming stronger every day.

More times than not, those of us in rescue are just appalled by the lack of compassion and neglectful situations to which many of our dogs have been subjected. That being said, we are always so amazed at the resiliency and forgiveness the same dogs exhibit toward other humans.  Sheila is no exception! We don’t know how long Sheila had been abandoned in the ditch fending for herself and protecting her babies, yet she is playful, not at all aggressive and just appreciative of her foster family.  If you would like to donate to Sheila and her pups, you can do so by clicking on Paypal.  Please write in the description box “Sheila and family.”  As we learn more about Sheila and the pups, we will keep you all posted.  If you think Sheila or any one of her pups would be a match for your family and you would like to meet them, please complete an adoption application found at the top of the page under the Adoption Tab.  This family deserves the best life has to offer, don’t you agree?  Once again, thank you for your support!