8/24/12 Update_ Bently’s heartworm treatment was successful!

Bently can stand his ears on end at will! Too funny!

He has just two weeks left of restricted activity remaining and is doing great.  He doesn’t seem to mind being crated most of the time while on restricted activity.  His little nub is always wagging a mile a minute! He is one of the happiest dogs we’ve seen!  Everything is just fine with Bently.  He walks very well on leash and enjoys walking.  He’s also a huge kisser! He stands only 15-16″ from foot to shoulder. Bently is good with children and did I say he’s a huge kisser? Well he likes to kiss children as well! He just loves everybody. After Bently’s neuter in two weeks, he will be ready for adoption. Bently’s home is required to have a 6′ privacy fence, as he can jump a 4′ chain link.  If you would like to meet Bently, please complete an Adoption Application found at the top of this page under the Adoption Tab. Enjoy the new pics!

Leah & family meet Bentley! Thank you for caring about this little guy! He loves his gifts!







Please meet Fassa’s latest friend, Bently.  Bently is a male, approximately 2 year old brindle boxer boy.  He has natural ears and a docked tail.  We refer to Bently as the mini or micro-boxer!  He is very tiny in stature, yet big in heart!  Despite his “micro” size, Bently appears to be a purebred boxer! Bently was chained outside with another dog before being surrendered to animal control.  Bently is quite a fast learner and has done exceptionally well learning how to potty outside and to sit. Bently is current on his vaccines and will be neutered prior to his adoption.  Before that, he must undergo medical treatment for heartworm, which is going to begin shortly.

A truly inspirational story has preceded Bently’s arrival into our recue.  Fassa’s Friends was contacted by the parents of a young lady named Leah.  Leah is a 6 year old little girl who can not have any pets of her own.  You see, Leah is highly allergic to animals, even those allergy-free breeds.  Leah told her parents that she has enough toys and for her up-coming birthday, rather than receiving gifts, she would like to help dogs.  In leiu of birthday gifts, she has asked her family and friends to make a donation to Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue for the benefit of Bently, to help defray some of the cost associated with his medical treatment.  Leah’s concern for the welfare  of dogs at only 6 years old, is heartwarming to all of us at Fassa’s Freinds as well as all others in the rescue-world!  Leah is Fassa’s Friends youngest Ambassador for Dogs in Need, and we feel her heartfelt compassion and caring should be shared with all of you.  With this type of compassion and understanding for animals from this young generation, we are optimistic that in the future there will come a time when there are no more homeless pets, which is the goal of all in rescue!  On behalf of Bently, and everyone at Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue, Happy Birthday and Thank You Leah, for this wonderful idea and request.  you are an inspiration to us all!