8-1-12 UPDATE: Keeper is a super guy! From what we’ve seen, a Boxer/Plott hound mix is one of the best in temperament, intelligence and fun! In his foster home, he’s not had one potty accident; there is no need to crate Keeper at night as he doesn’t touch a thing.  He isn’t a counter surfer at all. When away from home for long periods of time, his foster mom crates him, which he is very receptive to, with a frozen peanut butter kong of course.  There have been occassions also when the foster mom would awaken to find Keeper sleeping in his crate rather than on his dogbed outside of the crate!  Keeper does not enjoy the company of cats, small dogs or dogs his size or larger.  Dogs in the 30-40 lb range are fine.  That being said, Keeper is more than happy to be an only dog also.  He occupies himself with his toys, if no one is available at play time.  He loves to be brushed and to receive belly rubs.  We are certainly unable to understand why he is still in “Adoptable” status.  Anyone looking for a terrific, fun-loving easy dog that will give you more laughs than you could imagine, should certainly meet Keeper. But, you may say, “he doesn’t look like a boxer.”  You are absolutely right.  Now, click on the Adopted Dogs page and take a look at Elvis, Esther, Eli, and Ebony.  Those pups did not and do not look “boxerish” either.  Let us guarantee, however they are all half boxer.  Your next question might be, “How do you know?” Well we know, because we witnessed their purebred mom giving birth to these pups. To those of you that are saying, “Well, I don’t know,” take a few minutes to complete an Adoption Application or if you’re pre-approved, we’d recommend you set a time to meet him. Keeper is Mr. Personality Plus and a canine companion you would be proud to have at your side.  The adoption application is found at the top of the page under the Adoption Tab.                                                         

Yum! My snack after playtime!


6/18/2012 UPDATE:  Keeper is looking out the window, wondering where his fur-ever home is….frankly so are we!  This dog is a phenomenal guy!.  He is extremely easy going and has to be one of the happiest dogs we’ve rescued.  Yes, he was chained outside and being starved before animal control interceded….but you’d never know it. he doesn’t counter surf, nor does he beg at the table.  He actually just lays right down while his foster is eating.  Yes, he was treated for heartworm…but you’d never know it.  He runs and prances about as if he’s just happy to be alive. Yes, Keeper was living outside in squallor and hard clay and dirt before rescued….but you’d never know it  He prefers to sleep on the floor on a quilt or in a dogbed.  He doesn’t jump on the furniture or beds!  Yes, he had been kenneled briefly….again you’d never know it!  When you say “crate,” he’ll go right in, not that a crate is necessary. He enjoys the simple things in life such as chewing on a bone, playing with his toys either with you or without you and of course, smiling! . Keeper is best as an only dog.  Though he does seem to like male dogs weighing 30-40 lbs., he is very content to play by himself and “smile” at his people all day. He loves the “belly-rub” and will just out of nowhere, flip over to get one. Keeper also loves to be brushed and thinks he should be sprawled across your lap while you are doing so.  He is funny, handsome and just a joy to be around.   He is just a super, super easy dog.  He is doing much better on a leash too.  He is current on his vaccines, has been neutered and is ready and waiting for his new BFF’s.  Yes, he resembles a plotthound more so than a boxer however he has a great balance of both breed’s temperament which is in our book a winning combination!  He is truly one of a kind in only the most positive of ways!  If you would like to meet Keeper for yourself to actually see what we’re talking about, please complete an Adoption Application found under the Adoption Tab at the top of the page. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at fassasfriends@gmail.com or call us at (85) 889-0832.