Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Heather!  Heather is the smallest of Honey’s litter, weighing in at 4 lbs.  She is a 9 week old boxer mix female with natural ears and tail.  She is brown in color! Don’t let her petite size fool you.  She is able to hold her with ease, when playing with her larger brother and sisters!  She is fearless! She is a playful little one, enjoying all aspects of life she has encountered so far. Heather is fine with other dogs. Heather is also learning “potty pad” use! She is being fostered now with two of her littermates and two small dogs.  Heather will be visiting the vet on 3/4/12 to receive her second series of  puppy vaccines. She has also been dewormed. 

As with all of our young pups, Heather’s adoptive home is required to have: a) a physically fenced in backyard and 2) a committment to training.  We know the energy level of puppies and their need to “explore,” and believe this requirement is as much a safety feature for  our puppies as it is for your family members!  We also require Basic Puppy Training to ensure your puppy starts out on the right track to become the family member of which you will be very proud.  Boxers have a need to please their people, so when you’re pleased they are content! Training also provides a bond between the puppy and his/her family that is priceless. The feedback we have received from our former Adoptive Puppy Homes has been excellent. There are NO Exceptions!

Heather’s bio will be updated every Saturday, as we continue to learn more about her temperment.  If you are interested in meeting Heather and can provide the two requirements above please complete an application at the top of this page, found under the Adopttion tab.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at  Playful teeny Heather will jump right into your heart!