Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Gracie.  Gracie is a stunning boxer mix with chocolate brown and white coat.  In the sunlight, her chocolate brown is highlighted with brindle markings.  Gracie has a natural tail and natural ears. Gracie is a stray, coming to Fassa’s Friends from the west.  She is petite in size, weighing only 46 lbs. She was extremely shy and timid when she entered rescue on 1/28/2012. As of 2/2/2012, Gracie has begun to take in the world around her thanks to her foster home.  In just a few days, she has begun to play with toys, chasing and catching balls, swinging rope toys and relaxing enough to enjoy her foster family.  From shy and stand offish, Gracie now has advanced to giving kisses!  She enjoys the outdoors, where her tail wags non-stop.  She enjoys jogging and walks very well on a leash.  Gracie is housebroken and crate trained.  She enjoys her crate as her private space and will go in there from time to time, just to chill!  Gracie’s adoption is pending. Her adoptive family states Gracie is an absolute match and fits into their family perfectly.  Gracie has exhibited many tell “tail” signs, from kissing to tail wagging constantly as if to say she is in agreement!Congratulations to Gracie and her new family, for a match that couldn’t be better!