Butch & foster sister, Shelby

3/25/12-Butch has been in his foster home for 1 month now and is making strides.  He is coming into his own and becoming adjusted to “life inside.”  He is very easy going and at his happiest when with his foster Mom.  He is very people oriented and loves to hang out and watch TV.  He loves to go for rides in the truck.  His foster home continues to work with Butch, assisting him with “indoor manners.”  He continues to be very easy-going with a great disposition!

Please meet Fassa’s Friend, Butch!  Butch is a 5-6 year old male, Brindle Boxer.  He is what is referred to as a “Breeder Release.”  Once he was done being used to make money, he was tossed in a shelter! Butch apparently has been an outside dog his entire life.  As soon as he entered Fassa’s Friends, he was placed in a patient foster home where he is learning house manners and the art of pottying outside only (yeah Butch, no accidents to date)!  Butch is good with other dogs, living with a female great dane mix.  He is a beautiful guy in need of some TLC.  Butch is crate trained and just enjoys hanging out and exploring things he’s never seen before.  Butch is content to play ball from time to time but really enjoys just hanging with his people at night.

Butch is current on his vaccines and has been neutered.  Butch has lived a life of neglect not even knowing what the inside of a home looked like until he went to foster care.  This is very sad! He has a fine start now, though in his foster home.  If you are looking for a nice relatively calm boxer, Butch is the guy for you.  If you can give him the attention he needs to improve his house manners and give him the attention he truly deserves please complete an Adoption Application.  This app. can be found at the top of the page under the Adoptions Tab. Let’s show this guy there is more to life than living outside as a “puppy mill dog.”  Butch will no longer be used for financial gain; the unconditional love and devotion you’ll receive from him will be priceless!